Help for Garrison School

Fellow users, LeCateau Primary School in Catterick Garrison has reached the finals of the Ronseal Playground Project, This is a chance for the school to get some much needed funding to upgrade the facilities for the kids (Most of which are Military).

All that is needed is for people with Facebook accounts to go to the Ronseal page and "Like" LeCateau's Picture, It may look like they have a large green area but that is all that it is, Some people are saying that the Military should give them funds but we on here know that that is just not going to happen.

The Staff there are on the ball and do wonders with what little they have so please can you give them a bit of a hand.

Thanks in advance.
Will do but surely they could try and get some funding from either Sports Lottery or through other charities aswell, especially with it being a Squaddie Garrison town.

I realise that The National Lottery won't unless the schools made up 90% of Eastern European families and has a Lesbian homeless meeting in the evenings once a week in the school hall.

Hope they get some kind of funding as seen the difference that Majority Forces schools do for the kids compared to how crap a normal civvy school is over the last 20 years with my kids.
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