Help for "Black" boys

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wija, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Racist and Sexist

    Quote "That's why we are working even harder to remove the barriers to their learning"

    Nothing to do with them wanting to be " a Gansta" then?
  2. So because some black boys set a low standard then fail to achieve it it's everybody elses fault.
  3. what a load of shi ite. yet again colour is an excuse for laziness.
  4. A report on BBC this afternoon ,had an interview with a 'trend-bucking' yoof
    Black and in 6th form education after passing 5 'O' levels
    Apparently , (his words) all they need is constant love and care and
    one-to-one attention or their attention may wander.
    Poor lambs , how will the rest of the educationally needy get by?
    Equality in all aspects of life is the requirements of the race relations act i believe?
    So why is this news?
  5. This whole area is a very complex series of inter related issues. (and it is rare to get anything other than rudeness from me but here goes)

    Having been brought up in a town with a large group of mixed West Indians; the majority of whom I associated with at various stages, one of the interesting things was that the trouble within and emanating from the teenage blacks was not one of "Afro Caribbean" or "Black" culture but a locally bred mock Jamaican culture which bore no relation to the attitude of their parents who had come to the UK specifically because they had a work ethic. It was not unusual in Yorkshire in the early 1980s for a black child to leave school as a perfectly unremarkable pupil in August with a Yorkshire accent and within a few months be speaking in a "cod-rasta" voice in order to fit in with his new peer group.

    It also bore no relation to the attitudes of a minority group of West Indian origin teenagers who would not associate with the majority. This was due to the long standing animosity within the Caribbean islands against Jamaicans who were viewed by other islanders as idle.

    Sadly, the problem in shcools now does not originate from their parents or Grandparents origins in the West Indies but to the subculture based around the glorification of crime, violence and get rich quick. This same attitude os growing amongst Pakistani youth in the Northern cities as well as elements of white youth who are developing a mock black speech as aped by Ali G.
  6. That...was a bloody good observation!

    Hats off!
  7. The UK education system should provide equality of education provision for all British children unless the individual has been determined as requiring special needs due to learning difficulties. The emphasis on providing additional or separate educational resources for some should surely be based upon the lack of ability of the INDIVIDUAL and additional resources should not be wasted on sub-cultural groupings (black, west-indian males) who have taken themselves out of the educational system.
  8. I totally agree.

    I was the product of a gutless father walking out on my mother when I was a few days old. She scrimped and saved to ensure I had the best and often went without.

    Now I am a reasonably intelligent grad with a good career and guess what.......I bloody worked for it at primary and secondary levels and didn't get any help courtesy of my colour, mode of prayer, geographical area or social status. I worked......simple if you get up and smell reality.

    I'm on a roller here due to the simple fact that if an average white 13 year old boy used his colour as an excuse for poor educational performance he would be ridiculed.

    Over to you

  9. From the article:

    Sorry, that doesn't sound like the blame game to me. It actually looks like some very necessary facing of facts.

    I also saw the interview, and using racism as the eternal excuse for poor performance was specifically addressed by the two men quoted above.

    Edited because I may have misread a previous post.
  10. TY, you forgot this little gem:

    There we go white teachers are racist and thats why some black boys don't do well.
  11. I think it actually stems from the fact that most teachers these days are all female. Not saying that is a bad thing, but the lack of proper male role models for young children is a bad thing. Lets face it, if the only thing they aspire to be is Wayne Rooney, then we really don't have much chance as a society.

    Can you imagine if a load of ex servicemen decided to get PGCEs and then set up school?
  12. My Highlights - what a load of old pish! A life expectancy of 25 - based on what evidence, on what group, on what group size?

    Lies, damned lies and statistics!
  13. Right, let me get this straight.

    Someone is bone fcuking idle in school and underachieves.

    If they're white, then as they say in the Russian Navy 'Toughski Shitski' and they've got to put up with it.

    If they're black, then everything must be done to ensure they're not disadvantaged.

    How is that not discrimination?
  14. Whats going to happen to the non Afro-Carribean kids whilst these "boys" are getting the one to one teaching they seem to require?