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MDN is asking for donations to help an exRoyal Anglian and to help that appeal I am putting one of these up for auction, its a cracking piece of kit its brand new and comes in a nifty leather case,so dig deep and lets help this lad and his family have a good Christmas


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Fifty notes
Well done lads I can't outbid you but bloody well done.


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£75 then.
The auction seems to be stuck at £75.00,thanks Cutaway,I was going to leave it for a week but shall we say 1700 tomorrow then I will post it to the winner and the fund should be at least another £75.00 better off
Not stuck just momentarily stalled, I'm good for GBP85 (eighty-five pounds)
Well done everybody,I will close it at 1700 and chuck a nearly new Petzl head torch in for the winner because it has got so high
This one has ended now,Thanks moving-target-survivor if you can PM your address I will get it off to you by special delivery ASP,could you pay the money to MDN please
Moneys recieved

Thanks fellas!
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