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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mikardo, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello to everyone and thanks for your time.

    I'm 18 on the 25th of september (08) and i'm looking for some advice.
    I work for BMW as an apprentice mechanic at the new mini factory. I've had enough. factory life, it's not for me. They don't challenge me enough mentally and obviously physicaly.

    I'm the sort of person that wants to be pushed to the very limit until i cannot physicaly go on.

    I need to decide a job criterea I'm looking mainly into the infantry air assualt.

    Is air assualt different from the paras?

    Do i have the skills they are looking for? What job could i possibly get?

    NVQ level 2 motor vehicle maintenance and repair
    key skills level 2 maths
    technical certificate
    cc science
    c english
    B religious studies
    B P.E
    C I.T
    Value Added Production Systems qualification (better proccesing of a system)
    prelim business german

    What are the living conditions like in the army?

    I'm single do i get my own flat after i pass out into being fully qualified soldier?

    Is it a good life in the army?

    Will i get to see my old friends often?

    In 6 week basic training do you get weekends off?

    Thanks alot for your time if you could answer these questions or at least contribute it would help me alot into deciding what to do and may gain the
    army a new soldier.

    Thanks again.
  2. Basic training is 14 weeks, and you get a long weekend off in the middle (if you've been good) and then a short amount of leave at the end if you go onto doing a phase 2 training.

    Infantry wise, i think your basic and phase 2 are lumped together in a longer course.
  4. Perhaps look at the possibility of joining the TA. If you're fit, and you're weekends are free (1 in about 4 weekends free that is), then give it a think.
    It seems the better option for you I think, since you'll be able to stay with the security of your apprenticeship, while gaining a heads up on the army, earning yourself some extra lapdance tokens, and your under no obligation to stay if you decide it isn't for you.
    Of course with this option, if you do decide you like the TA, and want to joing the regular army, don't make the (perhaps...), long term mistake, of settling down in the TA. If you do join the territorials, then be sure to go at it with the attitude of giving it 100% however, continuously bear in mind that you're joining with a view to joining the regular army.
  5. About the Air Assault comment, if you want to be Air Assault, usually that means joining the para's? If that isyour aspiration, joining any other infantry unit to become air assault is probably not the best option. You have the skills the army are looking for in a nutshell, the army will help you develop through the core values into what they want, they don't expect you to be the model person straight away, you'll soon learn not to question peoples previous lifes.