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I am now 3 years out of the firm working for the Civil Service and I hate it with every breath that I take. The civilian mentality of can't do is and has got to me. I served 22 years and find I cannot switch off and now I realise I should have completed a CP course with my resettlement grant rather than the rubbish that I did.

Does anyone know of a quick and cheap way of becoming CP qualified "Officially" or is someone looking for blokes to assist with protection, anywhere in the world.

My sanity is at stake having to work with imbecles on a daily basis and I need help. Any suggestions?


Surely the cost of a CP course would pale into insignificance when compared to the money you "potentially" then go on to earn in CP duties. I would look at it as an investment in your future, why not think about taking out a career development loan or something similar and not focus too much on trying to get as 'cheap as possible'. One piece of advise I will give you, and this comes from both my wife and I as we both went through the 'transition' at the same time is if you are not happy in your job then just go for it, we can all think of reasons why we should stay in a safe job, but honestly I don't think there are many (if any) who actually regret taking the leap into a new career. Oh and good luck!
If you registered for enhanced learning credits when they came in you are eligable for £1000 (£2000) next year for up to 10 years after you leave. There is a website and a tel no that can help you, ie tell you if you are eligable. I have it at work pm me if you need it.

Had my first resettlement interview today, hope this helps.
Failing that try coming out of the civil service into private industry where I can assure you the attitude is completely different and there is much more of a can do attitude. Mind you the money may be less at the beginning. You need to give up the security blanket attitude that we all have when we come out and find something that you enjoy doing. remember of course if you did 22 you will have a decent pension on retirement so it's not a major part of any remuneration package you take. I had about 19 jobs in 3 years when I first came out but settled once I dropped the security blanket thing.
Check pm twosup
Thanks everyone. I have PM'd Twos up and had a long chat with the wife. It seems I've been a moody bugger and she's happy for me to change.


I got your pm, but im a major computer biff, i think ive replied.
twosup said:
I got your pm, but im a major computer biff, i think ive replied.
At least you have the computer switched on this time mate :wink: you will be progressing from crayons to pencils soon. Why not get yourself an Artisan to show you :D
pis* off iron you short fat g*t. you fail the board as well ha ha
Hey twosup, am I right in saying you have tippex all over your screen because you keep making spelling mistakes - I've heard ya know.

Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) tel help no is 0845 300 5179, hope this helps and good luck, I have also PM'd it to you
twosup said:
If you registered for enhanced learning credits when they came in you are eligable for �1000 (�2000) next year
If, as he stated in his first post in this thread he has been out for 3 years he will never be eligible for the £2000 higher tier. You only accumilate time towards ELC while you are in, so if he is registered then he will only ever be eligible for the lower tier of £1000 a go, which now he is no longer serving is taxed!
I think CP is a drastic measure and may be due to desperation.... I would suggest you look at private industry but that is having a hard time with the credit crunch.

I am in a busy private sector job now after 22 yrs and could do with a cool chill stint in the civil service... always seems greener on the other side of the fence mate!
Isnt the arrse is falling out of CP work? I've had a few lads who did CP as resettlement (in South Africa) and they say the money in most cases has dropped dramatically in Iraq & Afghanistan and just isnt worth the risk.
Mac5543, read "The Circuit", it's CP Porn but it does explain pretty much to the end of the book that the money these Guys are getting now is outweighed by the risk to life. There is a glut of blokes on the circuit now as opposed to when Iraq initially started.
A lot of blokes still in are now forgetting this idea and going into male "Escorting", the singlies that is.

Hope this helps, if not the book is a good read anyway.

Mac - throw some of your skills on here so we can suggest some employment for you. Maybe CP work isn't your only option. You need to get your CV drawn up and there is always some advice around, there have been a few CV threads on here in the past.

I did Civil Service for a year but canned it for many of the reasons you stated. Now work for the private sector supplying to/supporting MOD amongst others. As stated earlier the credit crunch is biting all around but there still appear to be a few jobs kicking around on various recruitment websites.

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