Help for a wizened old sapper would be appreciated

I'm coming up to 74 years of age but in 1952 I signed for 3 years and after training was posted to 27 Field Engr Regiment at Minden Germany. In those days promotion was readily available and I finished up as a Corporal.

At the beginning of September my wife and I are going to make our own way by Ferry and Train to Minden for me to have a look around after some 53 years. The whole trip from leaving home to returning will only be for a total of 7 days, 4 days of this taken up with the travelling.

Can anyone tell me if there is any RE unit in Minden or close by.If there is would we be allowed to visit past the guardroom or is security so tight these days that that sort of thing is verboten! I know the camp where I was based is now a trading estate or something so thats out. It is hopefully my intention to take my wife to Belsen for her to see. (I visited in 1953) and that will take up one of our 3 days.

Its just a nostalgic trip really that I want to do after all these years. Anything anyone can tell me or any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I don’t think any Engineers are in Minden (There might not even be any military), and at the moment I don’t think we have a 27 Engineer Regiment on the books. However Sappering is alive and well in Germany and if you want to visit a unit I would suggest looking at this site

I am sure any unit would welcome an old soldier, I hope you and the wife enjoy you visit, check Goggle earth to see if you can still see the barracks to avoid disapointment on finding a eurospar or carpark.

I found a wee site for you.

I've opened it at the Minden page but theres loads more places on it, just click on locations.

I never realised there were more than 2 Camps in Minden but I only visited in the 80's.

Most of them are still standing but the photo's will give you a good idea of which one you were in.

I hope you enjoy yourself,


I found this wee snippet as well about the units at the time you were serving
Thank you for all your help and suggestions. Also MacSapper for the internet sites given. I'm very grateful to you all. Cheers.
No Military presence in Minden closed mid 90's The camp you were at will either be knocked down/developed or full of asylum seekers try asking here someone migth be able to help there
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