Help for a thick sapper required!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Sapper145, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Gents and Ladies,
    I'm tickling away on a report at the moment and have dug out some old paperwork (1997) on pre-course requirements for attending a course. One of them is a REME trade - ECE. Having looked on the army jobs site I cant find it. Does it still exist, what does/did it stand for or has evolved into something else?


    145 :wink:
  2. Electronic Control Equipment.

    Long gone trade.

    Worked on all the electronics in tanks, computers, missile systems etc.

    Replaced by the Electronics Tech (Aviation or Land Systems) IIRC.

  3. ECE; Gods Trade.
    Actually a CET (Control Equipment Technician) either Field or AFV.
    Field would work on Swing-fire/FACE whilst AFV obviously worked on tanks.
    Once the Tiffy course was done, you became an Artificer Electronic Control.
  4. Smashing, thanks Gents. Does that mean Telecommunications and Radar Technician has gone as well?
  5. Yes it does.
  6. Ok, I take it has been superceded by Electronics Tech then?

    Thanks again for the help gents.

  7. Of course... MAM, I'd forgotten that ECE was the slang name!

    And the Instrument trade has gone as well, more's the pity.

    The ECE repaired your Boiling Vessel (BV) and the Instrument's Tech repaired your binos and screwed your specs back together....