Help for a Mother PLEASE!!

My son served the first Gulf War with the Scots Guards, and now lives in America with his American wife. He has severe back problems, and has been told by his Dr. that he needs an operation. He has no Health Insurance so that's a no-no. I've tried our local Dr. and he say's that irrespective that he served during the Gulf War, an operation in this country is not an option because he now lives overseas. Can anyone out there help me please. I'm under such stress as to what to do next??????
Many thanks,
A Mum
Echo the RBL are a good bet.


Living in the US with no health insurance? That's a bit daft IMO...


Contact your MP if you feel that the injury was as a direct result from military service to see if he/she can help. If its not, just a normal medical condition that requires treatment then to access the NHS I think he will need to be in this country as he would for either case.
Has he still got a British passport?

If not i don't think you can do much, my brother in law lives in the philipines and gave his passport up AND then started on about coming home.
Try his Regimental Association too, in fact, try veterans uk, ssafa and anyone else you can think of, can't do any harm can it?


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So, basically, another health tourist?


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I'm an amateur surgeon, I mostly do plastic surgery but I'd be willing to give it a crack.
He's after a back operation, not a sex change ;-)
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• You can provide evidence you have been working abroad for less than 5 years and have lived in the UK legally for ten continuous years at some point;

If he can satisfy the above point, he MIGHT get free treatment if he returns to the UK to live, if not he gets charged! Simples

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