Help for a Masters dissertation - COIN tactics, conventional philosophy: Afghanistan 2001-2014.

Congratulations on completing it. I will definitely give it a read.

Nice to see the denouement of an OP requesting help. It doesn't happen very often here.

Best wishes for the future.

And 10/10 for having the testicular fortitude to mention ARRSE in the acknowledgements. A lot of people wouldn't have dared/bothered.
Well I saw ARRSE mentioned somewhere in James Fergusson's 'A Million Bullets'; figured it would be rude not to do the same after this very healthy discussion!

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A very interesting read @Unspecified. Congratulations for producing that, and also, for approaching and utilising an undoubtedly valuable resource in this website.

It is a collection of hugely differing personalities who though generally bound by the common ground of service in the armed forces can be a interesting lot to interact with. You seem to have done well in doing so and it appears produced a very readable and thought provoking article.

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