Help for a JPA noob


I've had a couple of problems since joining. With regards to JPA I suppose the most annoying of these issues is the fact I've not been paid, but this has a knock on effect as I am also unable to use my correct ArmyNET account.

I've been told just to 'wait out' for JPA to be sorted, but this has been over half a year and it's getting to be a bit of a pain in the arse.

Other than my CHQ, is there anyone I can contact to make sure I am correctly set up on JPA?

Cheers in advance.
Give JPAC a bell:

Mil 945603600
Civ 0800 085 3600

Tell them you are not getting paid you never know they may be helpful. I take it your unit is paying you in cash until JPA catches up??

I haven't seen a penny.

Thanks for the numbers mate, will give them a bell.
Called them and apparently my details were submitted yesterday. It could take up to 2 months for my details to now get to ArmyNET though, and I've missed this next months' pay run again! D'oh!
They aren't, no. I think me saying they should would result in getting a good kicking as well!
All units have been told in no uncertain terms that individuals must not be out of pocket - the money is owed to you they should pay you, you don't need to go in there reading the riot act - just ask for a payment. If you have a problem asking yourself ask your Tp Sgt or one of your Sqn/Bty/Coy clerks to arrange something with your admin office.

I've spoken to my unit already and they said I'll just have to wait the same as them.
Do you know how many days pay you are missing?? - by the way I'm assuming you are TA (as a new entrant your daily rate of pay is £32.00??) However much it is your money and should be paid to yo. Like I have said before all units have been told they must pay cash to individuals who are due money that has not been paid due to JPA - no ifs buts or maybes!


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