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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by diverre, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. edited for being impetuous :D
  2. Not devaluing the cause here mate, but as someone pointed out in the Charities and Welfare Forum there are already loads of charities that are being supported on here to look after our guys when shit happens: RBL, Help For Heroes, BLESMA, Help Them Out, Combat Stress, and each of the three services' own Benevolent Funds. That's just for starters, and I've probably missed some there as well. Best of luck to your mucker, but a reply like that after just 24 hours- in the NAAFI as well- isn't gonna help him much.
  3. Understood m8 and inwardly digested. I as well as my m8, support most of the charities you have mentioned and I myself personally have been helped by them in the past. However though this is a military website I didnt think the chaps would have tunnel vision or only put their hand in their pocket for anything as long as its green?

    Anyway, no probs, he'll get there eventually and it is a good cause.

    REgards :D
  4. Sure that's not the case as it is a good cause- all I'm saying is there's so many other bowls going round that are close to home, especially in November. All the best to him anyhow.