Help for a future AAC Soldier.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by britisharmy1, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. I'll soon be finishing basic at ATR Pirbright, then goin to Middle Wallop for phase 2, I joined up as Aviation Groundcrew Spec. a mate of mine said they will be giving us a choice of preffered regiments over the next couple of weeks, any suggestions?

    Anything thats going to get me out and about alot, training, and alot of work to be done within that regiment etc...

    Ta lads (and gals if any), Glenn.
  2. PM Taffridge or Blobmeister for accurate info on current life as an Army Air Corps soldier.

    Avoid their sexual advances though.
  3. Thanks for that appreciated :)
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    yeah well I was supposed to be starting basic very soon after that post u quoted first. then that didnt work out due to me having to take another spirometry so it is no longer soon to be passing out... i have to do selection again and as a result wont be in till end of july, start of august or last resort september,

    that clear things up a bit??? you could always do some more snooping around the forum to find out more what i mean :twisted:

    edit: the reason i said 'another' test is because basic training is nothing new to me :wink: at least up to week 12 anyway
  12. BA1, I dont want to be a spoil sport and p*ss on your chips, but I will have waited 6 months between passing ADSC and starting basic at the end of next month for the AAC. This is just a heads up, cos I thought (foolishly) I would only have to wait a couple of months tops to get in. I was told that the AAC dont take in very often, (this is the info the sergeant gave me in case any of the AAC guys disagree). Maybe you should speak to your AFCO just so you are more in the picture than I was.
    Good luck.
  13. Yeah cheers for the headsup mate, nah you havnt pissed on anything because it was my sgt that told me directly i will be put in very soon, they hold a thing called RNDC Cell at ATR bassingbourn for discharged recruits re-enlisting, which is something to do with i sent a letter off about 6 months ago to kind of say yes im interested in re-joining, they obviously held a place in the AAC for me, now its a case of not hearing from the AAC commander or whatever, hes already confirmed my job is available soon as poss, rec sgt told me soon as u do 1 day re-run at ADSC, then youll be put into the next intake in pirbright, which has about 2 per month, so should be at ADSC in a week or 2, so hopefully basic 4-5 weeks maybe slightly longer, it wont be 6 months otherwise i would have just changed to join the 1 royal anglian infantry instead. cheers for info anyway, Glenn
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