Help for a friend

To cut a long story short,
A friend of mine phoned me last night in a bit of a state, he brother is in the QGS and has recently had a huge fall out with friend's parents! He has just been posted to Stafford,
Basically she is trying to get hold of an address she can write to as he has changed his phone number and friend's parents threw out his new address, she is despirate to write to him to keep in touch as it's her brother.
All she knows is that he is living in the Officers mess and is based somewhere in or near stafford!

Any help much appreciated, sorry for the lack of info!

PM me his name or surname and I'll see what I can do. Though too be honest don't think any current QGS Officers are in Stafford at the mo.


I think our new Sig Regt is being formed nr Stafford and the boys from Colerne were to be part of it. Might be them.



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