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Help for 3 Para lad and family

This time its a cracking Leatherman wave in black,its a great bit of kit and out of the goodness of my heart I have chucked in a set of 10 double sided bit's as well.its brand new and comes in a special black sheath as well,I shall finish the auction on Tuesday

that thread was far too long to read through so I have only the vaguest idea what this is about.
But I am sure the chap with the scary avatars is a thoroughly decent sort who can be trusted implicitly so let's make it £80.

What all the IT guys want in the EU and Switzerland is one of these at US prices if possible.


I know they are not available until end of Jan in the US(coz I tried ) but there will be a massive demand after that in Europe .

If you can deliver via your contacts in bulk (say 5 off ) I can certainly provide customers that would be prepared to pay close to US price + a bit to cover charitable donations and postage/VAT

PM me if you think we can do something
Thanks tangosix,nice dog in your avatar BTW,spoiltb I shall try and see what price I can get them at,and if I can get them cheap I will let you know but to be honest I think with them being so shiny the price will be high and there will not be enough to meet the demand anyhow

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