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Anyone heard of the John de Jonge tournament in Holland? I'm trying to take our squad there in the summer but can't find details for the tournament anywhere. I've been a couple of times and it's in a place called - excuse spelling- Djurnigen?! Close to Nijmegen. Anyone help?
de Jonge must be the equivalent of Smith in Netherlands.

Google search came up with Bowls, tennis, golf, football and darts tournaments
linked to "somebody" de Jonge
The tounement takes place each year at Djuringen (?). I've been twice, once with 6Bn and last year with SEAE. Both times were fantastic, with a great (and Pi@@ed up) time being had by all. After the first day the younement splits into two competitions, the cup and the plate. If you finish top or second in your group on the first day you go into the cup, the others go into the plate. The organisers provide hundreds of trophies, with the winners one being about 4ft tall! There's also trophies for top scorers, best players, best keepers amongst others. There are camping facilities on site, although these are usually quite crowded. SEAE booked into a hotel in the town last year which was ideal. If you get in touch via my e-mail address ( I'll see what I can do about getting details for you, as SEAE are going again this year.
I have the details for this, however they are at work. I will nip in tommorrow and get you the telephone number of the lady who runs with it, this is the Mini world cup as we know it. Entries had to be in end of Feb but if you ring her she will square you away. She does speak English too. More detail to follow.
Thankyou fellas, yeah I know the old dear. Ill send you an email insttech, although im sure i was there with you when we went with 6Bn. Got beat in semi's i think when that tech storeman missed that penalty.

Any help is mucho appreciated.
Excellent tornament. Good fair competition. Although saying that some of the teams made up of entirely errrr, lets say not exactly far east European countries, like to play dirty.

Saying that, did get awarded the best goalkeeper much to the disagreement of aforementioned countries.

Play pished, gives you an advantage. Well thats what we said!!!!!
Its great innit. One year we stayed until the Monday to travel back and there was a team celebrating with the trophy on the Sunday night - a load of fat blokes gettin nekkid etc. We thought they'd won it until the wifey who runs it came up on the mic later on announcing "someone has stolen the fair play trophy. Now thats not very fair..." its the trophy all the old blokes were celebrating with!

Quality tournament.
Good square there with lots of watering holes and good food.

First out and last in on pi$$. Smoke and bratty break at half time.

Look at ze English........


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