HELP (flu)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by poet, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Start basic on monday but I feel like sh!it :(

    Got blocked nose and very slight cougth whats the best thing I could use any advice :?:
  2. Best thing you can do mate is get two pencils with those eraser tops fitted and pair of grey-ish old fashioned underpants. Stick the the pencils up your nostrils and put the pants on your head. When your platoon Sgt or Cpl asks you a question say "wibble". Now you must remember to say "Wibble" to all the questions asked or it wont work. Now trust me it will work and you'll soon be running around like a large fly coloured blue with its arrse on fire so much youll forget about the man cold (flu). What Im saying is if a cold is going to affect you so much your going to the wqrong place mate. Be british, we dont let colds run our lives.

    Best of luck mate and listen to the little green devil that will sit on your shoulder calling you a wimp when your toughing it. He will make you so mad youll finish every run/CFT etc just to prove him wrong.

    Jolly Japes chaps

  3. Cheers for the advice Efargee20 :D what type of pencils?

    Just wanted adive on how to get rid of the fu!cker dont want it to effect my fittness :evil:
  4. Blocked nose is easy mate. Take Sudafed in capsule form. If you're worried about sounding like a mong get a little container of Otrivine and sniff a drop up each nostril about 15 minutes before you know you might need to talk. It tastes like sh1t but it really works.

    You need to ask a pharmicist for both those things but for 30 years I've found them to be dead useful. Only take these things if you need to. A cold will take its own time to pass and as Efargee says you've got to tough it out during that time but you'll get a lot of relief using what I've told you about. If you overdo it with the likes of Otrivine you could irritate your nasal passages.

    Don't poohpooh the idea of using those powdered hot drinks you get for colds and flu. They contain a little of everything and especially if you take them before bed they do help.
  5. Cheers for the advice mate got nice hot cup of beechams drink

    Think it will do the trick cheers mate
  6. HB pencils will do, they are cheap and the lead isnt as soft as some. best of luck.