Help - Florist in France needed!

My missus is off to Superdevoluy next week, skiing with 5 of her mates. This was booked before we met, hence why I'm not going with her.

I urgently need the number of a florist local to the area so I can get some roses sent over on valentines day and the internet isn't being very helpful, especially what with me not speaking a word of Frog.

Can anyone help?
Interflora require a full address.

I need a florist with local knowledge so I can say "The ski chalets at the bottom of slope x".
Try finding out which ski company she booked it through and then phone them up and ask which chalet she is staying at, if you explain it's for Valentine's day, I'm sure they'll give up the information.

Failing that, ask her friends, have a quick snoop for a confirmation of booking letter, fake complete interest and ask her to show you online which chalet she's staying at etc etc

It shouldn't be that hard!
Well prompted that man . . .

now to dispose of about 70 squids for something red and flowery which should cost about 15 squid!

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