Help finding specific unit name and address.

So, my CCF were on annual camp and some gunners from 1RHA invited us to play enemy with a few of then for their final exercise that was to take place early the next morning.
Long story short it was the best thing that I've done with the CCF and the other 8 senior cadets there totally agree, what we found more interesting was that we weren't needed, rather someone thought it would be nice for us if they got us involved. So we've decided to write them a thank-you letter but the only problem is that none of us picked up on the specific battery/troop that it was. I noticed one one of the land rovers that it said 'The Rocket Troop', we did a bit of research and it's the HQ battery but it only looks as if there were one or two platoons there on the day. If anyone was (or knows who was) there could they please give me a proper mailing address of the senior guy who was there, it would be a great help.

Just to refresh your memory it was Swynnerton Camp in Staffordshire around the 8/9th of April and we were the Rifles/Signals badges unit where the junior cadets wore wooly-pullys, green shirts, lightweights and no beret.

Thanks in advance
OC Rocket Tp is an Arrser...i'm sure he'll be along the meantime i'll let him know.

i was on this, very small world!!!!

if the above brings you no joy let me know and i will pass you the details

ps what enemy position were you in?
I was on the position where the reorg ultimately was next to the hut and the bonfire attached to a guy from 19 regt. After you took that I moved back with this sgt to another position which was sort of on the edge of some woods before I died.
I licked it like an ice cream. That man is now legend amongst us. Send our thanks from him again, hopefully if our letter goes down very well we might be able to sneak a visit to Tidworth for half a day or something. I've been given the address of the CO and the officer in charge of the course so at the moment it looks okay but if I have any problems I'll let you know.

Out of interest, where were you in the attack?

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