Help finding Rules, Regs & laws (BFG)

Not sure if this belongs in here, but figured it was a discipline type subject.

I've been searching, unsuccessfully, for the last hour or so for the BFG Dog laws, specifically regarding when a Dog needs to be muzzled and kept on a lead.
I've searched ArmyNet and Google to death and, apart from countless pages about how good Army Dog handlers are, have drawn a blank.
Would somebody be so kind as to direct me (via post or pm) to the correct place where these laws are listed?
Thank you.
Which laws are you after as it may be under bfg standing orders or it may be about a bull breed which is banned from import under german laws.
ie which type of dog and what is it your after knowing about, im in to see the lady who I have to register our dog with and she may be able to answer any questions.
The Dog breed is no problem as he's a German Shepard born/bought in Germany. The problem I'm having is conflicting stories on muzzles and leads in different areas. I was told at my last unit (which was also Germany) that Non-cat 1 Dogs did not require a muzzle unless they were trained to be violent, and that all Dogs must be walked on a lead in any built up or public area. So I figured I was within the law walking him to open unused fields/woods and letting him run like a maniac. On arriving at my new Unit, however, I've been informed this morning by an off duty RMP that all Dogs must be on a lead at all times regardless of area. I'm not bashing the RMP or anything but she has only recently left trg and I'm hoping she has her wires crossed. If she hasn't then it's going to cost me a fortune to keep buying fields to let him run in every time I'm posted.
its prob on your station orders,, i know by us all dogs in camp area must be on lead and under control,, due to guard dogs on patrol..quite a few officers labs have been eatten in the past for running up to a guard dog,,,so all dogs on lead ,please... it also stops them running in the road,,when you register your dog at your sso s dept you should receive a tag for its collar and be told the rules,,,
The civvy regs change depending on where you are. And within barracks then local rules will apply anyway.

The info below was copied from armynet:

CONTROL OF DOGS IN BFG - Regulations for Lower Saxony.

Dogs in Lower Saxony are not categorised by their breed but rather by their behaviour. ANY breed of dog that displays aggression, or bites humans or other animals can be classified as a “Dangerous Dog” and will be subject to specific restrictions. For residents of Lower Saxony the procedures and regulations are as follows:

a. The Federal Importation Ban still holds for Lower Saxony; Pit-bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and any Cross Breeds from any of the aforementioned.

b. ALL dogs are to be registered with the SSO within 2 days of their arrival in BFG. Permission to keep a dog in Lower Saxony must be obtained from the SSO through the Unit Welfare Office.

c.ALL dogs must wear a disc bearing the licence number and must be registered with a Veterinary Surgeon. It remains the responsibility of all dog owners to keep the animal under control at all times. Dogs found straying by the RMP or German Civilian Police (GCP) will be impounded at the local Tierheim (animal shelter). All dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times in public places or within built up areas. Only Category 3 dogs must be muzzled when taken outside their enclosed premises. No other dogs, irrespective of the breed or size require muzzling. Anyone accompanying a Category 3 dog must be authorised to do so.

d. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE. All owners of Category 3 dogs are legally required to hold third party liability insurance for these dogs. It is strongly recommended that all other owners of dogs take out third party liability insurance, for their own protection.

e.DE-REGISTRATION. When personnel are posted from BFG they MUST de-register their dog with the SSO. Personnel moving within BFG must de-register their dog with the SSO and re-register with the SSO at their new station.

Category 1
Pit-bull Terrier
Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Cross Breeds of any of the above

Category 2
American bulldog
Spanish mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff
Fila Brasileiro
Dogo Argentino
Tosa Inu
Cross Breeds of any of the above

Category 3
Any dog that has demonstrated that it is dangerous, by biting humans or animals. Any dog, irrespective of it’s breed can be reclassified as a Category 3 dog at any point during the stay in BFG if necessary.


If you go to and look at the links page, under Command Info the "So you are posted to Germany' booklet is available as a pdf. All relevant info is in there.
In Nord Rhine Westfalia (SP)
We had to take a test at the local council offices which was €25
each and only we can walk our dogs (I own 2 rottys) but rules change depending on the area you live in but the sso's office should have the rules for your area.
Thanks LongJohn thems the bedgers
Dont know about worrying the wildlife though more likely worrying the doggers 8O :p :wink:
Turns out she was right.
I checked with the SSO who said it is German law to have all dogs on a lead at all times unless in a specified special Dog area.
Apparently these areas are few and he could only name two, the closest of which is a mere 30 miles from my location.
I'm gutted.

Thanks for all the replies though guys, much appreciated.


It may well be German law for dogs to be on the lead, but the Germans around here don't obey it!

As for having certain dogs muzzled, I regularly see rottweilers being walked through the crowded streets of my local large town, and no-one bats an eyelid. Germans take their dogs into shops and restaurants. I regularly have my dog off the lead in the local woods and by various lakes and canals, as do all the Germans.

The long and short of it is that if you are responsible and your dog can do basic stuff, such as coming back to you on demand, then you will be fine. Be sensible, and fit in with what the locals do.

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