Help finding Regiment

Please can SKS help me trace my deceased father in laws regiment.
I know he served 1939-45, he was Swansea. I've attached Picture with cap badge?.


Looks like Royal Artillery.

I presume that the badge backing is in RA colours of red and blue, but could be wrong.

Precisely which battery had this dress peculiarity I don't know, but I'm sure someone here can help.

brettarider could be right.

Have a look at the badge on the extremeright, top row On this site
have a look at this
grenade badge
as opposed to

It looks like an Artillery one to me though collar bombs as opposed to the cannon?
I saw a hat like that on "it 'aint half hot mum"
ooh ooh here it is

And they were an artillery concert party and yes i know it wasn't real :wink:
Look chum...go to British Armed Forces And National Service site they have over 200 badges you can compare it to. The only Artillery badge similar is for the Honourable Artillery Company which is based in the City of London. You best bet is to start looking at the Fusiliers Badges. The patch behind it probably denotes a certain regiment
pupgreen said:
which is ?????
From the Ebay page:

A WW2 Royal Artillery Assocation Benevolent Fund lapel badge. Styled on the Royal Artillery collar badge (often used as a cap badge during WW2) and made from bakerlite. Complete with pin and catch fitting to the reverse which is maker marked "Edward Brindley & Co Africa House London".Postage 48p 1st class or £1.18 1st class recorded. Have a look at "About Me" to see my views on buying and selling badges and militaria.
My wife and I would like to thank you all for your efforts in our research for her fathers war records..
Next is to find what battery he was in. We can't make out what colour ribbon is under the badge.

God Bless
just for your information...the RE bomb/grenade has 9 flames and the RA has 7.... :wink:

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