Help finding kit for twos-Rifles

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pobarg, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. pobarg

    pobarg Old-Salt

    re badging to rifles at long last.......if you can't beat em and all that......thought i would ask how to aquire C/sgt 50mm cross belt and whistle etc for less than an arm and a leg?
    I know who makes them and stuff but being an OR means that all our 2's issue should be on flick, but being the ACF affordability might be an issue, now I am not sure what will be issued till thursday when i see QM and I am sure enough stuff for non cerimonial dress will be provided but just so i know I thought that there was a route whereby you can pay for NATO stock numbered stuff thru' QM's dept if req'd.
    Any help sensible or otherwise greatly appreciated and it's good to be back!
  2. If you're a bog standard AI (not band or corps of drums, etc), you won't be issued No.2 Dress YET.

    The theory is that FAD will also be issued to ACF personnel - when that will happen (if ever) is anyone's guess.

    Ammo (the cadet supply shop people) also supply the Rifles, so your best prices will come from them I guess?
  3. Gunner_REMF

    Gunner_REMF Old-Salt

    Try the thobbers who work at Pellew House, Dryden Road, Exeter, etc, they're Rifles
  4. Ben_J85JTY

    Ben_J85JTY Crow

    Rifles direct sells both the cross belt and sword belt required for a WO2, sword belt is £80 and the cross belt either £320 or £690 depending on the type.

    Its a lot of money to pay out as an idividual, so I would suggest that you consider making it a "Company" purchase, paying for it out of company funds and handing to the next CSM on appointment.

    A good source of information on the dress regs can be found on the rifles website, there are a few PDF downloads shoing each state of dress.
  5. pobarg

    pobarg Old-Salt

    I have sourced a source from amongst my sources who is seeking a source from his sources to produce these OR 50 mm belts from a geezer in Pakistan he is hopefully going to somewhat reduce the cost but this remains to be seen as he is not finishing sourcing till the 8th of this month.

    Watch this space those who do not wish to be raped by ammo and co (cadet kit shop) the robbing Fukkers!!!
  6. Ben_J85JTY

    Ben_J85JTY Crow

    Keep us posted, If they are a good price I may well be able to send a few orders your way.
  7. Just to let you know, Rifles Direct (Rifles Direct) have informed me that they will be selling SNCO cross belts from this week so check the site at some stage and see what their offering. No idea of costings yet but when they do, it will be the only place I know of that will be selling them.
  8. pobarg

    pobarg Old-Salt

    Have checked and to update -awaiting exchange rates before issuing wait one...further to follow...over