Help finding details of Basic/Junior Drill Instructors Cours

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lucifer_sam, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. One of my guys has expressed an interest in completing the Basic/Junior drill instructors course.

    Is there any one on here that can please point me in the direction of the correct DIN etc? I’ve tried the usual suspects such as training wing etc but everyone that would know is still on POTL.

    Many thanks, LS
  2. My advice is don't do it! Drill is not a pill, leave it to the wooden tops!

    Watch Guarding the Queen on Tuesday nights, its great!
  3. I believe they're listed in the DIN titled 'All Arms Courses for 2007-8' or something similar. Good luck.
  4. Refer him to the phsyciatric wing at Selly Oak, he's a fucking danger to himself.

    and don't let him have anyhing sharp.
  5. If you are in work and get onto the intranet try this link:

    On the LHS under Training is the link for the courses DIN and you need page 41.
  6. Thanks for the link/info TFHG.

    Thats him squared away nicely. Once he's done the course I'll get him referred for a spot of basket weaving!

    Drills not really been my thing. I spent a short amount of time in the "care" of the IG guard room at Chelsea barracks a few years ago and that put me off for life. :oops: He wants to do the ATR thing so Good luck to him.

  7. Failing that lucifer give the military operator a bell and ask for the all arms drill wing number, if they dont have it ask for the guardroom number and they will have it.
  8. Oh and incase you didnt know thats in pribright
  9. all arms drill wing is no longer at pirbright it has moved up to catterick as of june