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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brummieboy1, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone help point me towards a poem by the Northern Irish poet Ciaran Carson please?

    I believe the poem is entitled "Gate" It descibes in part the destruction of a British patrol, and the clock stopping I think. Its been a long time since I last read it and would like to read it again. Cheers.
  2. Ciaran Carson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My Google works, but I can't see anything called Gate on there. I was watching Easties though.
  3. Wait - I have the book in front of me (and if you're in need of a fix see my sig block)
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  4. Is it the one with father Christmas in it?
  5. We're going to have to stop this helpful stuff. People will think we are nice.
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  6. Here you are - catches it just right I think. It may be 'war among the people' but NI was 'war in your back garden' or high street or whatever. It struck me the other day that very nearly as many soldiers were killed in NI, give or take 1 or 2 in the time I was in training (1979/80) as were killed in the year I spent in Afghanistan (late 09/10).


    Passing 'Terminus' boutique the other day, I see it's got a bit of flak:
    The 'T' and the 'r' are missing, leaving 'e minus', and a sign saying, MONSTER

    CLOSING DOWN SALE. It opened about six months back, selling odd-job-lots,

    Ends of ranges. Before that it was Burton's, where I bought my wedding suit.

    Which I only wear for funerals now. 'Gone for a Burton', as the saying goes.

    The stopped clock of The Belfast Telegraph seems to indicate the time

    Of the explosion - or was that last week's?

    Difficult to keep track:

    Everything's a bit askew, like the twisted pickets of the security gate, the wreaths,

    That approximate the spot where I'm told the night patrol went through.
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  7. Thats the very one mate. Can you tell me the title of the book please. I shall treat meself to it.
  8. Is that the one that starts......The boy stood on the burning deck....
  9. I am nice. But only to those who ask nicely :)

    And only after I have screamed myself hoarse as Spurs dumped Lyon out of the UEFA Cup in the final minutes of stoppage time.............
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  10. OK - the book is 'Belfast Confetti' ISBN - 0- 916390-40-3

    My version has a rather fetching patrol map of the Lower Falls on the cover.
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  11. Now who's being nice?
  12. Sssh, don't tell anyone. It will ruin my rep.
  13. Gay.
  14. Normal service has been resumed!