Help finding a friend currently in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by conner, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Hiya,

    A good friend of mine serves with the Signal Regiment from York and he has just been mobilised for a six month tour in Afghanistan, based at Khandar Airport.

    He gave me an email address prior to leaving and I have tried to get in touch with him but the email address doesn't work. Whether it has been deleted by hotmail, I don't know.

    Anyway, I received a text from him asking to email him as he didn't have my address but he also said not to textback as his messages were being monitored so I do not know how I would go about getting in touch with the him. He is not local and I do not know his immediate family.

    What would be my best course of action? I'd text him back but if he has specifically requested not to then there may be a very good reason for this so I daren't (am I just being paranoid?).

    Any help would be gratefully apreciated.
  2. Aaarghhh...Andy McNab alert. That sounds like the plot to a great movie!
  3. Probably not by the establishment PD but by some weasel in afghan telecom.
  4. BFPO Customer Services Centre
    (General enquiries letters & parcels)
    Tel: 08457 69 79 78

    If you ring these people they should be able to give you detail on how to get in touch with your friend there.

    Beware however of both OPSEC and PERSEC.
  5. They've been looking for Bin Laden in that part of the world with no joy, so what hope have you got?
  6. Get a cheap flight to Dubai, transfer from the main terminal to the Cargo teminal, look for the Ariana desk, buy a ticket to Kabul. Take a walk about two miles along the main drag into the city centre, ask for Abduls car hire, everyone knows it, then take a road trip to Khandhar, admire the views on the way. Once you get there rock up to the front gate and tell them who you are looking for. Easy as that.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    God, imagine if someone actually did that? Make a geat entry in the logbook....
  8. Many thanks....If that fails then I'll take up Discos suggestion :lol:
  9. Write to him at:

    His No Rank & Name (or whatever detail you have)
    2 Sig Regt
    Imphal Barracks
    Fulford Rd
    York Y10 4HD

    The Regt will forward it to him in theatre and he'll write back or email if he does actually want you to contact him....

    .........I mean after all, you could be a bunny-boiling psycho hose-beast for all we know mucker :wink:
  10. Its YO10 4HD
  11. Given the light hearted nature of the responses I decided to break the 'text silence' and got a responce with the correct email address. I must say for a brief second I'd visions of the nokia tune going off in the midsts of a 3 day long ambush and an ensuing taliban fire fight...thankfully it was never to be!

    Well, thanks partially to modern technology and you guys help I managed to find him in two days. Maybe I should lead the hunt for Osama :lol: :lol:

    Thanks all.
  12. You'll probably now spend the next 6 months swapping emails with some fat arab walt in a kandahar chippy while your mate in 2 Sigs thinks he's been binned - don't send any pics of your clout mate :wink: