Help find my Red Book

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WasMe, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. I have tried everything else (including writing to the DG himself) but still have no 'Red Book' (or reply) following 23 years service!

    Are there any Know Alls, Clerks, MSO's who can offer me advice on how I could possibly get hold of my Red Book. I call it the Red Book as i do not know what the offical term for it is - I haven't got one you see!

    I have been told that sometimes there is a cock-up and one receives it a few weeks after leaving! I retired SIX MONTHS AGO! Mind you, the clerks did look surprised when I said that I was leaving, I was never given a leaving interview, was never dined out etc etc!!!!! I think it may be a RAMC thing!

    Its the book that they give you when you leave. I understand that it give all the details of your service, rank, courses. postings etc etc.

    Any ideas!
  2. Wasme,You worked next to the Corps(RAMC) RSM's office, and he couldn't be bothered to get of his fat arrse and have a senior WO2 dined out, I find that utterly disgraceful, or maybe thats the way the Corps has gone over the past decade. ie. Me Me Me and forget about the rest.

    Reference your Red book, it comes from Manning & Records, Glasgow, bombard with phone calls, E mails ect. It's good to have at interviews.
  3. Wasme. My Red book had been placed firmly in my hand before I departed the Infantry HQ in Catterick...Once again it seems that the AMS stand head and shoulders above the being wnak that is.

    However, the red book serves only as a pleasant reminder, when you finally get yours, check out your employment standards, I defy you not to pee your pants with laughter.

    Its of little use regarding jobs. I was never asked to show mine, although I did take it to all my interviews (2).

    A very nice thank you from Mike Jackson...Keep your eyes on Ebay, it may be appearing soon.

    Medders...still bitter and still more than definitely twisted AMS =ARRSE MANAGEMENT STANDARDS
  4. I got mine within 2 weeks of leaving.

    It said Id been places Id never been, had gongs to ops I never went on & the last op I did there was no record off. I contacted Manning & records, to be informed that they went by my unit records.

    As for interview they never wanted to see it just wanted references from past colleagues, so it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on if you ask me.
  5. I had the same problem with my Redbook. Medals I never had, but then it never had the tours listed. It also failed to list a tour and qualifications I did do/have. And a poxy thanks for coming letter, that had been poorly photocopied - what a f*cking insult.

    Really, it is a waste of f*cking paper and money and it shows the regard the Army holds for its ex-serviceman. The whole thing isn't even worth the postage fee.
  6. if nobody else can help, maybe you can hire the a-team
  7. Six months..... Pah!!! ........................... try 3 ferkin years!!!! c*nts :evil:
  8. Are all the above posters AMS? If so, maybe we should think about lodging a concern, to enable future leavers to be sorted out in time, and with a correct farewell. 22 years is a long time to serve yet they ( in puzzle palace) couldn't give a flying f*ck. Until it's their time to leave..

    Wasme left from the AMS HQ and even then it was fcuked up. Does that not say it all?

    Bitter and bet your ass I am.
  9. I was a Sapper. But I think the fault lies with the lazy f*cking Civil Servants at Glassgow. The same people who decided to save up my last two pay checks and pay them to me on my last day of service. C0cks
  10. Wasme,, you have been treated disgracefully . Twenty three years & no proper thankyou or dine out !! Somethings gone astray at AMS HQ. With regards to the red book I can,t tell you how to obtain one, but all it is, is a well glossed up slap on the back in paper. I was acredited with being highly skilled in jobs I,d only just touched briefly in my army carear. Having said that. It did do me well in a few interviews & is a good keepsake of your time in the green. Sadly mine was destroyed in a fire a few years back & I do miss having a nostalgic flick through it now & then. I,d love to get a copy but apperently its unreplaceable. Unless anybody knows diffrently ??

    Regards LT.
  11. You can buy mine if you want... might even be a better description of your Army Career than mine.
  12. Great, If youre a dab hand with a typewriter. Tippex your name & number out , then pm me for the name & number to insert. Then photocopy the whole chebang & Bobs yer uncle , everybodys a winner !!!!!!!!

    Regards LT.
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I chuckled at the 'thank you' letter from Gen Walker- dodgy photocopy.

    Using the CEG employment explainantion I promptly applied for the Chairman of BA, Virgin and Sainsburys.

    WM- Appauled you getting dined out, and being next to the Corps RSM- this should have been easy- maybe used the P&P prior to youe departure-just a thought. (Maybe they didnt like you- I dont! :wink: )
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You can't get a replacement but if you write to Glasgow and ask for copies of your records under the Data Protection Act a photocopy will be included in those papers. Be careful though, they also send copies of your crime sheet :oops:

    Details here
  15. Your last unit should have initiated all the paperwork, I got all my stuff, red folder, vets badge (to be worn on suitable occasions!!), although most of the details in the folder were pants, I was, as previous posters have stated, missing tours and medals that I have been awarded, they even had me as a Class 1 CMT, which was nice but having not been anywhere near canvas I was flatered!! NOT.

    As for your dining out that didnt happen, a fair few of the blokes I joined up with were in the same boat, its a shame that nothing was done regardless of what rank you reach, 22 + years service should be celebrated in the right fashion, full reggy dinner, the works, In all the non AMS units I served with all seniors who reached 22 years were given the honour of a proper fairwell (if they wanted such, and most did), I expect 'wasme' would have loved to have been given the option?

    I dont remember much from my own, I was very very very drunk!!