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Mrs O1W to be has tasked me with building a solid/multifuel water heating system and oven/barbecue in the garden. My thoughts turned to put & take boilers, steel box buried in earth etc, from, IIRC, a field engineering pamphlet I lost years ago. Vaguely recall they involved 50 gallon oil drums, but can anyone here provide the specs or line drawings? Thanks in advance.
Take oil drum, remove top and cut an access hole in one side, near the bottom.

Stand very heavy steel plate on two bricks in the drum - near one side makes life easier.

Punch three or four pickets fully through the drum about half way up to form a barbecue-like grill.

Using a bit of wriggly tin or other non-combustible material, form a chute that will allow liquids to flow along it and fall onto the steel plate.

Acquire two drip stands, bottles, lengths of rubber tubes and tube clamps from the medics that you're supporting. Fill one bottle with water and the other with waste oil that you've scrounged off REME. Attach clamps to tubes, tubes to bottles and bottles to stands. Lie the ends of both hoses in the same channel in the wriggly tin.

Light fire underneath steel plate.

When plate is very hot, open tube clamps to allow alternate drips of water and oil to flow down the channel onto the plate. Adjusting the rate can be quite tricky, but the end result is worth a bit of patience.

The oil drip ignites and the water drip causes vapourisation, producing a great heat.

Place what you want to burn (or a galvanised bucket of water) on the pickets and wait. Upwind.
Thanks puttees, that I recall is an incinerator, good for rubbish but probably worth life in uk nick (when space allows) for polluting something or other. The thing I'm after is, IIRC, based on 50 gall drum with fire underneath to heat water, a filler funnel on top and a tap to draw hot water?
It works the same way. Replace galvanised bucket with 20 litre (or even 200 litre) drum fitted with ball cock inlet and copper pipe outlet and you have your hot water supply. With regard to pollution, if you get the water/oil proportion correct, there's no smoke.

We did it with medical drip bottles, but there's no reason why you couldn't feed the system with 200 litre drums, especially if you filter the oil.

A commercial system would be cheaper, though. You can't rely on getting oil for free. And you wouldn't have to run it 24 hours per day.


Lazyman boiler?

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