Help........ Familiarisation!

Ok i have searched but may not have searches as thoroughly as i could have..............

The question is... is there an electronic version of the Familiarisation paperwork for all green and white fleet. i have been tasked with this from my SPSI. i have contacted HQ and they have nothing there and even have asked MT LAD and they do not have this luxuary either, there must be a copy electronically somewhere. the papers we have have been photo copied so much that they look dreadful and we are updating our systems to try to minimise the amount of paperwork required to immediate hand.

So being as i'm brew biatch and now computer whiz(apparently) i have to find it. so please can anyone help?
or does anyone suggest a different forum to put this in?
What exactly are you looking for? FMT1000 series? Remember that JAMES1 will replace a lot of this crap. Is it needed for teaching purposes?
Try posting in the RLC forum, one of the drivers may be able to help.

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