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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by UKLF_Kat, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I dont know whether or not that this is in the right place, appologies if it isn't.

    I am a contractor at an Army barracks...........

    I have recently had a recurrance of my epilepsy, this has gone from "mild" stage (partial seizures) to "severe" (full seizures, with the odd partial seizure thrown in). I had a period of three years where I was seizure free, however through various factors my seizures were triggered again.

    At every stage I have informed my managers and supplied them with all the relevant information and also made sure that the GHSA was informed.

    I have recently suffered a partial seizure at work I went to my GP and I ave been signed off, I rang my G.M. and explained the situation and the response was "You're safer being signed off". Now its either my paranoia or "The Contractor" are trying to get me out of a job because of my medical condition, I have told them that I am willing to take desk job but have recieved no response.

    Can they sack me ?
  2. Not if they knew about your condition when they employed you, and you've kept them up to date. Hopefully you have written records etc. regarding this?

    And you're not a contractor as in, contracted from an agency? If you're a full time employee at this company they can't dump you, but if you've been contracted in from an agency etc. to do work, they can drop you easily.
  3. I'm a recruitment and employment consultant ok, so I can speak with a fairly good degree of authority on the subject - plus my mum's epiliptic with generalised and focal seizures so I've been through all that sh!t with her and employment too.

    They CANNOT sack you.

    Doesn't matter if you're in through an agency, directly contracted by the company, does not matter anything one iota. They CANNOT sack you.

    The only way they can get rid of you is if you have a generalised seizure (you know what that is in the real world), staticus epilepticus (again you know *shudder*), which would then render you unable to operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle for a one-year period of being free from all seizures. Obviously this would only apply if your job requires you to drive/operate that kind of machinery.

    I asume that since you've been having focal seizures then you don't currently hold a licence/operate machinery and all that anyway?

    AND what's more, they cannot get rid of you completely anyway, they have to make a real effort to find you a non-operational role if you become unable to perform operational duties (i.e. driving).

    For example if you were in field sales they'd HAVE to try and move you into telesales.

    Rest assured and allow me to re-iterate, they CANNOT fire you.

    If you want to, you can even make them create a down-room for you to go to if/when you feel one coming on.
  4. They cannot fire you, however why not think on your feet and carry a bathtub around with you...... that way if you have a fit, you can charge the singlies to do their washing.

    Carrying a bathtub on your back will get you into 'come as a crap tortoise' party and also provide limited protection should the base you are woring on come under mortar attack.

  5. MDN = W@nker !!! thats the sort of attitude that makes people feel uncomfortable talking openly about the facts of they're condition !!! :x :x :x
  6. No need to feel uncomfortable, stop being touchy, just trying to help you make the most of your condition.

    If I wanted to be a w@nker I'd suggest you be kept in a big glass tank and have locusts poured on you everytime you start to twitch and slavver
  7. They can dump you if you're a contractor through an agency, because you have next to no rights. That was my point. They can get rid of you for no reason whatsoever if that's the case.

    MDN, another classy post which was under-appreciated!
  8. Cheers Goon !

    Im a contractor and not agency so they can't get rid !
  9. No, they can't.

    Please take it from me as a consultant in this field, they can not.
  10. Well, you should probably talk to every agency I've ever worked for, then. When an agency is asked to supply x number of people to a company, the company is not obliged to keep them for any length of time. The company can fire them as and when they see fit, as they do not have rights like your average full-time employee.

    It's not debatable, it's the way things are.
  11. Kat - this site might help you?

    Edited to add: I've just had a random encounter with the Senior Contracts bloke at my place and he thinks they can't sack you for being an epileptic per se and used an example of someone working here who has just that condition - in her case, they moved her from her previous job (driving forklifts would you believe) to an office. Might just be the NAZIs you work for?
  12. I use an agency as its far easier to get rid of people..... fact, sadly
  13. Well it is debatable.

    Yes it's easier to give people the lump, but not for ANY medical condition.


    I don't care whatever pitch you've been given by consultants in the agencies you use/work for - as a consultant I know employment law extremely well, and I'm firmly saying, nobody can be fired for a medical condition.
  14. Oh, you miss the point I'm making Crescent. They wouldn't need to say it was for a medical condition. They'd just say they don't require the worker any more.

    Again this only applies to agency workers. And yes, it does work and it does happen.
  15. Yeah I anticipated that and got your train of thought.

    And still, no, it won't happen. It's far too obvious. That is to say, as long UKLF_Kat has kept his/her nose clean whilst on the job.

    Besides, WORST case scenario - consultant wants the fee still, so they'd scare the shite out of the client with a bombardment of DDA quotes if they so much as hinted they wanted rid of someone for med reasons/it was obvious they wanted rid of someone for med reasons.