HELP! Electrician leaving after 22

MODs if this is inappropriate please remove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our electrician has done his time and I am after some stories about him (true and funny would be best but I take anything). I know names are not allowed, I’m hoping if you know him you will recognise him from this
D**N B********D. While he has been here he as been squeaky clean so I have nothing on him. If this survives the MODs please PM and I willing to supply any information you require if you have any doubt about this being genuine. Hope no one takes offensive about this but I'm getting quite desperate for info. THANKS
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story! If you have no dirt get hold of some truth serum* then interrogate him.

It might help to mention units he's served with and tours/rough dates.

Good luck!

* Various types available from Threshers
If this is the same guy i believe it is - ex 30 and 22 eng then PM me and i'll fill you in on 3 years exploits - be nice to get in touch with him again so let me know where he is currently
Moonfish if thats you who tried to tell all then STAND BACK! I am well out now and the 2 others we used to work with live nearby one even works for the same company! Be good to hear from you if I am correct on your identity. Post something to confirm :!:

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