Help! Do i need PTI to run command tasks?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by warcorro, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Am planning some very simple command tasks as teambuilding exercise for some TA officers. On of out more difficult advisers has suggested you cannot now and have never been able to run command tasks without a PTI. But I am sure I have seen this happen many times. There is no real physical risk. I am talking about the kind of thing where you have an ammo box, two planks and a toggle rope, and you have to get your team from across the imaginary crocodile pit deifined by mine tape. Can anyone advise? And can anyone point me to the right source for the rules on this - A DCI? or a training manual perhaps?? Urgent assistance most appreciated!
  2. Not sure if you will need a PTI but you will defo need risk assessments. Have seen Comd tasks done without PTI's in the past but as we all know things have moved on nowadays. Better to be safe than sorry, put your umbarella up and get hold of one.
  3. A risk assessment is, as previously mentioned, essential.
    Especially if you intend on using real crocodiles in the pit or live mines in the mine field.
  4. Cobblers. AOSB in Westbury run the things every week without PTIs. Your 'adviser' is talking 110% out of his hoop.
  5. If you speak to your local recruiting office they will be able to get numbers of the RRT's who conduct command tasks around your area. If you speak nicely to them they should have there own Risk assessments for all the different command tasks they do and give you a copy to work on.
  6. I have run Command tasks for Regulars, TA and Cadets and never needed a PTI.
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    A very fair point. Due to it lashing down with rain at the time, I managed to slip off the platform I was on doing command tasks. The mine field was surprisingly less deadly than I'd feared (apart from the torn ligaments) since it was a threadbare patch of grass marked off with tape.

    We defo did not have a PTI though. 1 Subbie, 1 SNCO and a L/Cpl if memory serves. None of whom were PTIs.