Help! Diagnose USB problem

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. I have a relatively modern laptop (Fujitsu Siemens D1840) that has been working fine for the past three years.

    PC has three USB1 ports, two on the left, one at the back.

    A few days ago, "something happened". For some reason, two of the ports packed up. They still detect devices on plug-in, but give an error message to the effect that "the device has malfunctioned and windows cannot recognise it". This is a typical Microsoft fib, as the devices (eg mice, headphones) all work just fine in the remaining USB port.

    I tried deleting all of the USB drivers/hub via hardware manager, but they just re-install with the same problem - one works, and two do not.

    Most new-to-this-pc devices, such as an unpowered USB hub, produce the same error message.

    Strangely, when I tried one particular new device - a powered docking station for a digital camera - this installed and worked ok in one of the damged ports, but not the other.

    Thinking that the two ports might simply have lost their power supply, I tried installing a powered USB hub. This produced the same error message.

    O.k. - is this a persistent driver problem, or some kind of hardware failure? Any ideas for a cure?

    Have searched MS and F-S support, but of course found zip about this type of situation.
  2. If they detect devices, then it's not power/hardware. I'd try reinstalling the drivers for the 2 ports 1st.
  3. Very quick possiblity. Are the 2 non working ports the ones cabled from the motherboard?

    Check that the cables haven't been damaged in any way.
  4. It's a laptop with three USB ports. Unless your fishing for a wah?

    I think it's hardware related. Do you still have the CD's that came with the laptop? Prepared to re-install Windows?

    If not, can you get by with an external hub?
  5. Whoops didn't see the reference to a laptop. My bad as the spams would say.
  6. The two fnucked ports won't work with a powered or unpowered hub. The good port would probably take the hub.

    I've just tried to run system filechecker, but of course my install disks are about 2,000 miles away. Never mind - where I am, a disk full of O/S's costs about two quid...

    Can't see how it could be a driver, if it doesn't affect all the ports equally. I assume its hardware, but then don't understand why the ports still detect devices, why one of the ports was not being used when it went tits up, and why the good port is unaffected when its colcated with one of the bad ones.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    In device manager, try 'uninstalling' the offending items then re-run detect new hardware.

  8. Duff hardware. Known issue on this range of laptops. You could fix it for about £120.
  9. Thanks. Do you know of a forum where there might be some info?