Help, DFI Expence account loggy needed!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dazbond, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. I have just taken over as the SNCO DFI account, and I completed my storeman course over 12 years ago and never touched it since, so slightly out of date. At the moment we issue every nut and bolt, every fuse and other expence items. I am part of a Armoured Regiment and most of the day is taken up by issuing expence items one by one when there is other things to be doing such as account admin and preparing for a tour.

    Is there another way to make life easier by daily issue sheets or some other way?

    Can I issue the items off and just leave them out the front in boxes? if so whats the correct way of doing it.

    Of course any ideas need to be legal and within the ECI/LSI.
    many thanks
  2. Perhaps you might ask the RQMS(T) or, heaven forbid, the QM(T). If you have to come to ARSSE for this then perhaps you shouldn't be a SNCO in the bloody first place!
  3. I'd rather some bloke who doesn't know who I am thinks I'm a chopper rather than the QM. Anyway, why don't you try offering sound advice and leave opinion to the Naafi bar
  4. delegate the task to someone else.
  5. Thanks for that however the QM and RQ are away hence the request for advice before showing my arse to them unlike what you have just done. And judging by you motto you are cavalry and we all know that the Cavalry Regiments dont always think outside the box, hence the request for a loggy to help.
  6. Cant mate just me as the rest are on Op,s
  7. That isn't your name is it?
  8. You've de-kitted today and you're bitter and twisted already, good start to your new life!

    Thank fcuk you've never had to ask ARRSE for any advice!

  9. Why would i come here for advice on work when there are always people around in the unit with more experience than me in areas of my work. I would go to them everytime, it doesnt mean you are a chopper it means you are willing to learn and every day is a school day. Perhaps the OP's boss might appreciate it that someone wants to improve things in the department and is willing to ask around as to how that might work.

    Just athought!
  10. According to his post, they are both away.
  11. To protect you from the perils of the LSI times i would suggest you look up JSP 886, pain in the arse to find things but using the PDF search function will give you help. Its on Dii, through the homepage under the Library tab. Once you get used to storemong stuff you can then "do things" to make it easier, always remembereing to go back to the JSP way when the Inspection team turn up!!