Help! Desperately in need of a **NK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bilboa, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Argh, Been watching dancing on ice re-runs and have a mega horn!

    Thing is my parents are in the house and my sister is in the shower. I keep loading up dirty pages and my Dad gets up so I can't build any momentum.

    What to do! This horn is killing me.
  2. Join your sister in the shower!
  3. Tell your dad that Thresher's are doing a special on Olde English and when he's gone get your mother and sister to take turns giving you one off the wrist.
  4. Norfolk?
  5. Funny! :x Come on someone must have a solution!
  6. just to make things *harder* for you

  7. Dont you have your own room? Or does your family believe in the good old victorian family values of the whole family living in the one room?
  8. Incest,the game the whole family can play
  9. Yeah I tried to take the TV guide to my room but there is no good babes this week, the computer is downstairs and I need material.
  10. Has you sister not left any soiled underwear about?
  11. FFS, can't you young'uns just use your imagination these days, need material my hoop :roll:
  12. Not having a computer in your room, bit of a problem then, no sex tube for you my lad
  13. No imagination?
  14. You dont have a mag stashed anywhere? Poor drills that is!!
  15. Ok I'm gonna take the tv guide again. Judy Finnigan argh! I'm deperate!