HELP deregister car and sell it to non entitled person

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Mrs.M, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. hi!

    i got a problem and i hope someone can help me.
    the bfg of our car runs out tomorow nd we haven´t done any paperwork yet.
    The reason for this is, cos up to today we had an entitles person who wanted to buy it.
    But he changed his mind now, so we guna have to sell it to a german.
    Already got someone who wants to buy it.
    I rode that we ve to fill out form 38, which we gt from the customs & immigrations in camp.
    My questions now are, if all we have to do is fill this form out?
    And if we guna be in trouble now because we waited untill the bfg already run out.
    Could we gt a band for this?
    Hope there´s someone who can give me some help with this.
    Thank you.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You need to do something about this ASAP - go to customs today, apologies and tell them what happened. They are human and whilst they might be miffed you won't be the first person this has happened to and you won't be the last.
  3. Phone your local BFG VLO and ask them for advice, that's what they are there for, and as stated above, do it ASAP.
  4. Thank you for your replys.
    i called the bfg helpline and also the customs.
    They send me now the form 38 to fill it out.

    i got told that i´ve to hand in the form 38 first, wait untill that is done and then i can proper deregister the car.
    Now as i wanted to stop the insurance which didnt letz me cos they need the dereg certificate, them mongs told me that i´ve to deregister it first.
    so atm, im payin insurance for nothing plus i might be in trouble. only cos they obviously don´t know theiselves what to do.
  5. I am guessing English isn't your first language, otherwise you would be able to use it and perhaps read the massive day-glo BFG Standing Orders Posters that are dotted all around the camps in Germany :D
  6. well,but obviously i didn´t read it. maybe because i´m not hanging around the what´s the point in telling me now???
    i wasn´t looking for a smartarse who gives his little stupid comment.
    but thanks anyway.
  7. There shouldn´t be any dramas, as you still own the car.

    Speak to the BFG office on camp, and they will tell you step by step what to do....

    Admittedly it may take a while to sort, but should be done pretty sharpish.

    And they are not mongs, they are telling you the rules... ie you need to have an insurance policy for the car.

    I appreciate it is a pain in the ArRSe because you thought you were going to get rid of the car to another BFG person, but that fell through. This is your drama, not the BFG VLO.

    And getting lippy wont help either. You should have read the orders on BFG cars, end of. You can find them pretty much everywhere you can ask for a copy from the BFG VLO. not to mention it is sort of part and parcel of having a BFG car that you have understood the related orders.....
  8. It was my pleasure to be of service, be assured though ignorance of the rules is not a form of defence :oops:
  9. Sorry, but ignoring which rules?
    I called the bfg in jhq and they give me a wrong information even though i asked if she was sure. That is why i was pissed off and called them mongs.
    I know that they make the rules, but at least they should know them theirselves then, shouldn´t they???
    But anyway, it´s all sorted now,
  10. Well that is good news
  11. I bet they were falling over themselves to help you after that little tizzy!
  12. It is a joy to help some people. :wink: may I humbly suggest that we all follow this (and many other) example(s) by A. Not bothering to read the rules. B. Not bothering to seek advice. C. Waiting until it is too late for anyone to help. D. BLAME EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOUR OWN POOR ADMIN / STUPIDITY / LAZINESS and then slag of the people that do try to haul your aRSe out of the fire. :frustrated: