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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by The_Cheat, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. I've been looking to see if there was any opportunity to go on an operational tour some time soon. I'm a CMT3 (TA) at the moment, doing my CMT2 in Jan but my adj. can't find anything that I can do... a bit Sh*t I thought, as I’m actually volunteering...but yeah, any tips hints etc?
    I was hoping to maybe get attached as a company medic instead of working at a Fd Hsp but I’m not really bothered.

    T C
  2. CMT 2 in Jan? Not in a field hospital? Ah there go my sides....... :lol:

    Seriously there is always room for you to volunteer somewhere. However, do fully expect to be running around after a CMT1 and cleaning the bogs (also noting the recent change in the CMT policy here:

    Seriously though, I am sure someone has something a lot more productive to say than me. Good luck!

    Where is your course? Strenny or Aldershot? Could give you some tips. :wink:
  3. good on you for getting off your arrse and volunteering, however as a CMT 3 (TA) you wouldnt be of much use as a company medic, Reg CMTs leave phase 2 training as a CMT 2 and theyre not exactly super medics.
    If you really want to get out there, take whats on offer, you may end up in the stores at Shaibah but you may also be placed on a ward or in the A&E dept working on trauma calls (that come in pretty often) and if you ask the right people you could get attachments to the operating theatres or on a blue light matrix team.

    A CMT class 3 isnt the type of person that a wounded soldier thats leaking blood needs giving him BLS!!
  4. I'm doin my CMT2 up in york at Strenny. Hope it's as much fun as Keogh was!! Can't even find a bog cleaning job in Shaibah or Afghan or any where... I guess people aren't getting wounded any more....

    T C
  5. now theres a journos leading statement if there ever was one!!! Sun? Mirror? Beano? Star?
  6. Fancy including an excellent piece of writing with rubbish like the Sun, Mirrior and Star
  7. Sorry to disapoint but not a journo. Got told by our Adj that he couldn't find a tour for me between now and october.
    Got told i may be able to backfill with a Fd Hosp or a Med Reg. but thats only a maybe.

    T C
  8. after speaking to the fella up at 2 Med Bde who deals with TA deployments, you would have your hand bitten off if your name was submitted, you wouldnt be employed as a surgeon or front line medic (TA CMT 3 = as much use to the casualty as Princess Diana, fluttering eye lashes in operating theatre was to the patient on the table)
  9. For advice from the horses mouth get hold of the 2 Med Bde phone list which you can find a link to from the Army Web site and call any Training Maj you can find in and ask them as they normally deal with all the Trawls that are about. Some RSM's deal with trawls in Fd Hosp's but I wouldnt advise calling one of them !

    And I agree with the previous post a big well done for having the nouse to get in the firing line and volunteer as a volunteer is better than 10 pressed men.
  10. Advice re 2 Med Bde seconded. What is your civ background - is it anything medical or is it completely non-aligned with your TA role, could be that if not employed on med duties (which I assume would be your preferred option), you could do a completely useful job in the QMs, Hospital Management Cell, general duties stuff. Good luck in your quest.