Help-Deploying to Afgan.

Deploying to Afgan shortly and have gone through the usual round of kit issue's but can any one tell me what we get in theatre apart from Osprey. In particular ref the man bag.Thinking of buying one to use as a grab bag for medical kit but no point if its issued out there.

Many thanks for all comments(good or bad!!).
There are med pouches issued in theatre as were the blackhawk manbags. You might have a different brand by the time you get there - but they all do the same job.

Not too sure what your stores are like but H9; one asked and one got! There's plenty of useful bits n bobs in the system. You'll have plenty of pouches issued with your Osprey - If you can get hold of a medic side pouch for your bergan - very useful.

Good luck
Try and get a Canadian TCCC bag. Just ask some colonial at Canada House, might have to trade em something for it.
dont bother buying anything like manbags or holsters its all issued.

dont bother bringing that cop vest its shite.

i used belt kit but depends on your role/job
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