help! dead worried about MOD security clearance!

i passed selection last week.

i rang my recruiting officer eager to find out my starting date.
he suddenly tells me that there is a security issue due to the fact that i was living in japan for 3 and a half years.

i'm worried because i went to the airforce and they flat out refused me, but told me that maybe i could get into the army. so i applied the army and they said no problem.

then now almost 5months later after having passed selection they tell me that there are still unresolved issues they mean i might not get in!

what the ****!

apparently japan is one of the few countries that don't give out information. this means that only means of substantiating my residence there are my former employers and passport visa stamps.

anybody know of someone in a similar situation being refused security clearance because of this kind of thing?
Is getting the information yourself from these people not an option? Surely if you could provide the information or put them in contact with people who could help the situation would be solved?
Try posting this on the Int Board. Someone might be able to better explain it to you.

It may just be a case of taking a little extra time to research your background.
This is more than likely because your going for a Security Cleared job why they are checking now, If you were out of the country in the last five years you should of entered this on your AFCO4 as stated on your AFCO5.

The security form you get will be asking for your personnel details and family details and checking out previous addresses in last five years, if you've not been in touble with police(lied about convictions) and been honest on your forms it shouldnt be a problem.
ok thanks guys, i applied for aircraft engineer so i guess it's just formality.

just i know that japan doesn't give out this kind of info to other countries.
i'm just annoyed to have come so far and then be told there are still unresolved issues.

Thats odd that the airforce refused you. My mate got in after living in the Middle East for 10 years...

Come to think of it I lived there for 12 years.. hope it doesnt bring up shit on my application!


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