Help! Confused About Blair...

Okay, I know the PM isn't on everyone's favorite list at ARRSE but some of you must take a perverse delight in following his antics - er -political acumen -or are deeply analysing and parsing his pronouncments for deeper, pertinent meanings...etc..

so I got to ask.. why is he pushing this EU Constitution thing..I thought he was against joining?.. It seemed to me that the Brits decided they liked their own quirky money and stuff and didn't want Euro's cluttering up the cash boxes or having to make their breakfast bangers comply with some artifical meat quotient regulated from Brussels?

is there an election coming up? or is he trying to, in that time-honoured political manner, shift people's thoughts away from the cock-up in Iraq...

What with elections in the US and Canada looming and new boys possibly on the horizon is Blair trying to buy some time or curry favour with the ' opposing ' views in case his buddy, Bush and others go down smoking come the fall..?

enquiring minds want to know..

An excellent quality in a leader is the ability to change his or her mind when they believe it would be beneficial to the outcome. Unfortunately, Mr Blair doesnÂ’t possess these qualities, so anything Blair Witch says/does nowadays has to be taken with a pinch of salt. I think he knows deep down that he'll lose the general election next year unless he allows the country to decided whether or not to become part of the EU. If he takes the decision alone and the outcome is disastrous, he'll be cast out into the political wilderness. My view is, I think he should spend MORE time on home issues like he said he would before coming to power. Take a grip of that silly bastarrd Brown and tackle the growing issues of each and every worker having to dish out more money from their pay packet on taxes and the like. Plus all the usual home issues, housing, crime, transport, etc, blah. The man is a lying bastarrd. Take, take, take, and no give.
I like TB, as an individual. :D He has some highly dodgy Ministers, however. (I made these exact same comments on the TB poll elsewhere on this hallowed site!)

I suspect that TB is playing the numbers game. He's heading for an General Election in the not too distant future, and doesn't want the Tories and LIb Dems spouting mindless drivel about the EU Constitution - drawing voters minds away from the fact that neither of these 2 parties are offering anything particularly spectacular, and diverting attention away from what New Labour has actually achieved (yes, they have!)

Does anyone happen to know what the Tories would do if they were in power? No. No-one does, and nor do they.

So, I say that TB has been very wise in opening up the EU referendum. It gets rid of the only joint threat from Tories/Lib Dems, and will then let New Labour concentrate on their usual 'divide and conquer' tactics.

I hope TB wins, but he definitely needs to sort his cabinet out. I don't agree with the anti-Brown sentiments - he set out his stall 7 years ago, and he has stuck to his word.

The rest of them are a load of pants. :twisted:

I'm not a socialist in any way - but blaming TB for everything isn't the way to go - imagine a New Labour without TB at the helm!!
I've overdosed on brufen after wrecking my back this afternoon in the garden. I'm currently the 'Duty Cripple'. Thanks for knowing what I was writing. Doh !!

I don't agree with what you say about Brown. I honesty thought there would be extra money in the paypacket when they came to power, but rises in petrol duty, poll tax, NI, etc, etc, have really dented any confidence I had in the barstool. He can fcuk off as well as BLair.
In 1973 the EU didn't exist. What did exist was the EEC, an Economic community aimed at making us all richer and therefore loathed by the Labour Party. The EU came about much later and was inspired by mainly French and Italian socialists. It is concerned with controlling all aspects of life within Europe and as my friend in the Labour party (she was a young Tory when I met her) says the EU is all about bringing a Pan European socialist state into being.

As a pro European - who could if I wanted claim one of three member state passports - I look at what these morons have created in the name of union with abject horror. If a firms auditors refused to sign off the accounts the directors of that firm would become subject to a Police investigation. With the EU they just sack the Auditor.

Blair keeps wittering on about being at the centre of Europe and I agree with his sentiment. But what he doesn't realise (or worse still doesn't care about) is that being in the centre of a lunatic asylum is not the best place to be.

As for Gunny thinking that Brown would put more money into peoples pockets- the whole history of the Labour party in government has been to take money away from people to spend on their little projects. He has been very good at fooling people (I will spend 5 billion on the health service and pay for it by raising NI contributions by one per cent. Well the first one and a half billion went on paying the increased NI contributions for the health service staff- some increase eh).

Remember the worlds first socialist was Christopher Columbus- he set off wanting to go to one place but not really having a clue how to get there. His principle aim was self enrichment. He ended up somewhere completely different, though didn't realise it, and he did it all on other peoples money. Oh and most unforgivable of all, whilst many other chaps had discovered America before him, Columbus was the only man insensitive enough to reveal it. Look where that got us.
TB (praise be upon his name) is not my favourite person and his antics have given me true thought about emigration!

His u-turn must have been thought out by himself and his spin-doctors very thoroughly, he is a man who plans very well. Now watch the papers as the spin hits full speed and the shiit that will be printed to convince us to agree to the EU constitution.

As stated earlier, the EU is a corrupt, unaccountable collection of quangos with the purpose of creating a super-state to equal the US. Read into this as we have no rights after this to govern ourselves. All decisions will come from EU HQ and think about what would happen if we decided a few years down the line to exit the EU, would they allow us or call us separatist terrorists?

TB (praise be upon his name) has thought this out very well to do the U-turn. Watch out for spin!
TSW wrote:

I hope TB wins, but he definitely needs to sort his cabinet out. I don't agree with the anti-Brown sentiments - he set out his stall 7 years ago, and he has stuck to his word.
So matey, but I totally disagree with you. 'No new taxes' was the NL pledge, but hey, here I am 7 years down the line since they won, paying a higher rate of Income Tax (lost married mans tax) and receive a palty amount of Children Tax Credit, which they have f*ucked about with over the last few years, every time making it so you pay more, get less.

Wouldn't mind really if I could see where the money was going, but the NHS is a joke, Education is on its last legs and the Def budget gets slashed every year. Brown needs marching out at dawn and given his last fag!
Bliar does not want to hold a referendum but has had a change of mind, because he has suddenly realised he will lose many votes in a general election if the constitutional treaty is adopted without a referendum. This is coupled with the votes he will lose because of the lack of trust people have over the Iraq issue, which Bliar is starting to wake up to - the rose-tinted glasses are starting to slip from even his nose! This goes against every principle he holds dear ie. I'm Bliar and I'm in charge.

Bliar hopes he will not have to hold a referendum because, by hanging on as long as possible, some other EU member might wreck the constitutional treaty first and he will thus avoid attracting the dislike of the Euro-establishment, to which he aspires in the longer term.

His poor performance in Parliament today and yesterday show how uncomfortable he is with this U-turn, which was not even discussed in Cabinet. This is a balancing act to try and get through the general election. Remember, he doesn't have to lose an election to lose his leadership - a large cut in his majority will see him off and he realises this.

I detest Bliar, particularly because he had a massive opportunity (widespread trust and a large majority) and he blew it big-style. He also committed us to military action on the basis of embellishments and lies - a disgraceful act. Labour without Bliar will be very much like Labour with Bliar, because Brown is his anointed successor and he runs the boring-but-important bits of the country through the Treasury. It's not a matter of whether Brown succeeds Bliar, but when - that is what the occasional unpleasantness between them boils down to.
I have heard it argued that the EEC and now the EU and common currency was dreamt up and ram rodded through by the French and others as a way of making sure that Germany could never go to war with France et al ever again, as by joining it, Germany would be too closely tied together with the other European Nations. Interesting thought that...

I dislike intensly the way the Eu is structured - there are little or no controls over what it does on a day to day basis, there is little or no input it decision making process from the citizens of its countries and most importantly it has sod all accountability for its various daft and dodgy policies.

The idea that a constitution developed by a dedicated europhile and socialist can be applied in a blanket fashion across all of europe is a joke - - it does not address national or regional issues,
- it removes and reduces the legitimacy of national governments and
- has the power to set up bodies that can over rule national decision making bodies.
- There are little propsed control measures or vetting measures for the running of any of the bodies that this constitution would create.

Would most of you be happy to know that this proposed constitution could mean that the EU could set up its own armed forces, or demand participation by member states, or that it could set up its own intelligence agency into which all national Int agencies would have to feed and take orders from...and that this EU Int agency would not be truely answerable to anybody but the elected president of the EU.

Look at the way that the Euro is currently working - one currency with the same economic value across all participating states - that is what it is suppossed to be. However, 1 euro does buy you the same amount in each of the differing countries involved.

EU - parasitic waste of bloodytime and resources. However, our politicians are not going to say that as they all want part of the gravy train - gits.

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