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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by choff, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. I need some information relatively quickly and was hoping that the various bods in here may be able to lend me some time.
    I am in the middle of writing a paper and because of deployment have found myself a bit dry on the documentation front sooooo......

    Anybody got anything doctrinal/ Pamphlet-y about

    1. The reasons why VHF communications suffer ffrom increased attentuation in desert conditions, factors etc etc. Basically somthing a little more substantial that the laymans terms suggestions I have used so far.
    2. The doctrinally pure blurb on the role of the 346 UHF generically speaking?
    3. Any websites, other than this exceptional one, that can offer me a wider breadth of info regarding this subject matter?

    Thank you very much, Elvis has left the building
  2. Its the lack of water in the ground, the ground doesn't reflect the single it will mainlt absorb it.

    You'll need to raise the antenna's as high as possible in order to produce mainly space wave, also the lack of hills etc makes it harder to produce space wave only antenna's (high locations not likely to be that tactical)

    If you've heard the advice 'don't' pee on GSA's, the reason behind that is that peeing on the GSA improves the earthing and conductivity, but don't pee on it use water (urine corrods the kit) and make sure u don't TX while water is being applied.

    Never used 346 but again height causes problems as the Fresnel zones may cause problems (you need to clear the first one but not let the signal enter the 2nd - think this causes fading)
  3. Who - What - When - Why

    Who are you? - previous posts don't betray too much information - are you in the military? (TA or Reg)
    What do you need the information for? (practical uses or research purposes)
    When do you need it by?
    Why don't you contact RS TDT in Blandford? They'll probably have a cd-rom they can send you if you can justify it which should contain all of the doctrine you require.
  4. Cheers for the help fellas.

    Ref Whistler: I asked a fe simple questions, why do I have to qualify them by telling you my life story?
  5. If you think you've asked a simple question - then you don't understand A&P
  6. Jesus, why do people like you incite argument, I was most of the way there anyway and just needed a couple of finishing touches whic i was very kindly assisted with.

    I am very well informed on A&P thank you very much

    It was obviously an easy question to answer because it was sorted in 2 replies

    That still doesnt explain why you needed my life story in order to reply.

    If you hvae any additional info then it will be greatly recieved but, other than that... stop asking bone questions

  7. ref 346 pm me who you are, what you need and why and i may be able to help or if not tell you who possibly can

  8. What you need in this sort of situation is a BLOSSOM antenna!!!

    R AR
  9. I thought long and hard before deciding to answer this message - I knew I would, just a matter of timing.

    Let me summarise the situation as I read it. Choff, you come on here asking for help giving only vague details. I try and extract some information from you (using the same blunt style you did) in order to ascertain exactly what it is that you want and you then accuse me of wanting to know too much information.

    I must admit that I probably misread the question - you got a couple of bits of information that you seemed content with, my apologies.

    I actually thought that you might require some technical details to the question posed, that someone, say, the technical team leader from the propagation department of a large multinational communications company (UK office) who had an encyclopaedia of knowledge at his fingertips and anything not directly to hand could be extracted from surrounding geeks who know all about that sort of thing.

    It might also have been helpful if this particular person had 25 years + experience in the Corps and a protracted period of time working in the aforementioned desert conditions then so much the better.

    Think about why I might have been asking you questions after your initial post - I don't really care who you are but I wouldn't have given information freely to just anyone (it would make your eyes water if you knew how much we charged for this) you would have to proved to me that you were a member of my Corps. Additionally I've re-filed both of those big fat pdf's that I was willing to fire off to you - you know the ones with the lovely diagrams and statistics. I'll also be very backwards in coming forwards to helping out cries for help in the future.

    In the meantime I suggest you learn some manners.
  10. Wife kick you out of bed this morning?

    What choff was asking is not exactly rocket science and as someone pointed out ten minutes with google will get you 90% of the way there. Arrogance is fine as long as you have something to be arrogant about, just because you sneaked a complete set of Blandford pamplets, and blagged a good civvy job does put you into that category.
  11. Fair enough - I'm obviously too sensitive for all this kind of stuff. AR
  12. Your corps - wow we are honoured,

    anyway, if all else fails then revert back to good old fadhioned HF Morse code
  13. I've decided to take my sensitive mode off and take you to task. I'm still trying to work out who or what you are - seem like a good bloke at times and an arrse at others. One thing is for certain - TA! I recognise the overuse of the word 'arrogant' - what's arrogant about having a pop at someone who has overreacted to something I did whilst in the act of actually helping him ? Furthermore what makes you feel like you should join in?

    Fancy me going out of my way to help someone and look at all the grief it caused me.

    I completely disagree with the posts that the two replies were all that helpful, I hope the two guys who gave it will forgive me - but don't p1ss on your ground mounted monopole and a couple of google generated links to some quite basic antenna theory that most class 3's know about - I just felt that yer man wanted more than that. There's no indication that you are sigs - are you sure you're not just mischief making.

    Even if I did nick all of the pamplets (whatever they are) from Blandford in order to give me a second career - tell me what you think is wrong with that. What I do nowadays is building on the useful things I learnt in the Corps and the facts that I am (was) willing to help some of the guys out is out of a blind loyalty.

    I suggest you wind your neck in and mind your own business instead of bitching at me because I've given you the illusion that I've got a good job. I owe the Corps for getting me where I got to and for where I am now. I'm glad I did my time and I'm very happy to be out.

    I won't get into a long drawn out sniping session with you - because there won't be any winners.
  14. Careful, some of those teddies have sharp corners :p