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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by X-Mech, Apr 10, 2004.

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  1. Want an excuse to upgrade that machine, or just want to ease that guilt for spending all that time on your PC.

    Let your spare CPU power be used for assisting in predicting the weather climate.

    Quote "The experiment has been developed to allow a state-of-the-art climate prediction model to be run on home/ school/ work computers. By getting data from thousands of climate models, we will generate the world's largest climate prediction experiment.

    We want you to run a climate model as a background process on your computer (similar to the successful SETI@home project). It should not affect any other tasks you use your computer for. If you choose to download the model, you will be supplied with your own, unique, version of the model. As the model runs, you can watch the weather patterns over the globe evolve. The results are sent back via the internet, and we are developing an interactive portal to allow you to compare your results with other people's as the experiment progresses. The Open University will be offering a short course based on the project, and there will also be opportunities to get schools involved with the project."

    If you do decide to give it a go, join the Certa Cito group to give it that team effort feeling !
  2. Why? What have the Met people ever done for us? Except always providing the wrong weather for the training/operation being carried out. Why don't they get off their arrses and do some work for a change. It's what they get paid for!

    And talking of pay. They get paid plenty. Enough for them to be able to go out and buy their own computer instead of 'borrowing' mine to do their calculations, causing undue 'wear and tear' on components that I've put my hand in my pocket to buy.

    And talking of computers. Any time you hear the term 'Supercomputer' mentioned it's in conection with weather prediction. What use is my little desktop in comparison to their 'Supercomputers'? Unless of course they are using all that power to play 'Quake' really really fast or surf huge ammounts of porn on the internet?

    And talking of porn. When are there going to be some decent pictures of naked female weather presenters online? That'd at least make strato cu and cu nimb, not to mention zero isotherm worth looking up. :lol:
  3. If you read the link you will see it is been done by Universitys not the commercial met people, it is also to try and help money been wasted on wrongly preparing for the future and they have no supercomputers they are looking at harnassing the cpu power of as many individuals like yourself with farily standard home pc's.

    Youre chance to do a bit of good for the world.
  4. Oh dear X-Mech, I bet your a real 'live wire' at a party. You should smile once and a while.
  5. Sorry Plant_Pilot I didnt mean it to come out as it reads, it was meant lightly.

    I did smile once... or did I
  6. You'll have to excuse X-MECH PP, the passion with which he describes the days weather to me is hard to explain. Its his thing. Personaly i look out of the office window to see what the weather is like :wink:

    On a serious note, i currently do a similar thing with seti@home, analyzing radio telescope receptions looking for little green men. After all, they must exist - how else do you explain Blandford. I might give this one a go for a while tho, just bought a new laptop and need something pretty to display when i'm not surfing the net for naked weather girls (there must be naked pictures of Ulrika somewhere)!!

  7. X Mech likes the weather and linkin PC's may improve his predictions, he's never got it right yet!!!!

    And as for Boney and the little green men, aren't they just short Booties then???

    Like the idea of shared computer space, not sure weather prediction is the way forward though.......searching for naked pictures of Ulrika may be worth a look.......There is a group using the same principle to find a cure for cancer tho, can't remember the link I'll have another smoke and think about it.
  8. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    i can already predict the weather
    i just look out the window
    if its not raining it will
    and if it is it will stay wet
  9. i can tell you its raining now if that will help :lol: