Help clarify for me. RLC Regiments placing

Discussion in 'RLC' started by WannaBeAFRKid, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Been speaking to serving friends atm, and each given different answers so id figured id ask here, ive also been trying to get ahold of my local ACO/ and even my guy at capita but to no aviel.

    So didnt get 1st (infantry, missed out on run by 1min ish)/ 2nd job choice (RAC, too tall ;p) so i went with 3rd with is RLC supply spec (not the most exciting job from what i hear but..oh well) Pirbright in october, my main goal is to become a PTI anyway (No slouching for me), so ill just make the best of what the army throws at me (Not one to sit and moan), as of yet lol.

    Anyway my question is due to the fact i dont fully have an understanding of the regiment selection what i pass phase 2 (and i will ;p)

    Ive seen all the regiments on the mod website, but i heard you can be sent anywhere at all (common sense, where ever your needed you go to), but my confusion comes from the process.

    I take it (could be wrong) before im sent anywhere or attached to a sqr, im sent to one of these first ??? Ive been reading and i know its slim picking but i hope i get 4 LSR because it seems good for sports which i really wanna get back into my athletics 100m sprint and LJump (maybe even compete inter), maybe take judo aswell... Are these all the regiments or could i be sent somewhere completely different straight outta phase 2?

    1 Logistic Support Regiment
    2 Logistic Support Regiment
    3 Logistic Support Regiment
    4 Logistic Support Regiment
    12 Logistic Support Regiment

    6 Regiment
    7 Regiment
    9 Regiment
    10 Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment
    27 Regiment

    11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment
    17 Port and Maritime Regiment
    23 Pioneer Regiment
    24 Regiment
    29 Regiment

    Once this is cleared up and thanks to who ever helps, i have another question ;p Ty for the help, been searching everywhere but to no avial.
  2. One of those pie eating ones who don't have to run?
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  3. You fill in a dream sheet with your choice of units, and they'll do what they can to get you to one of those.

    If its a popular one, you'll probably be out of luck. If its out the way then you might get it.

    You might get your second or third choice, or you might get none at all. And you don't go visit em first, you'll just get sent off.
  4. I wondered about the run thing, you missed out by a min on the run which is quite bit but then you want to do PTI which really means that if you want to do that you would be achieving 3 min into the cut off point???
    And you said compete inter as in international???
  5. 12 are disbanding, 3 & 27 are having name changes next year, plus there is optimisation as well, suppliers sent to all Inf QM's Dept's.go to 3, their PT is like SAS selection
  6. Go for 23 Pnr Regt, I think they're doing quite a bit at the moment.
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  7. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Quite a lot of re-trading as the pioneer trade has been struck from the ORBAT
  8. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    All REME Bns also have a Stores Troop made up primarily of Logistic Specialists Supply (not supply specialist, this trade was disbanded years ago when it was amalgamated with the supply controller trade).
  9. Don't be a logistic specialist "new name for log spec and sub con" promotion is verry slow now. Movement controller is the way to go now.

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  10. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Log Spec (Sup) promotion isn't slow. Plenty of 16 year WO1's kicking about out there to verify that. I agree that it has slowed down recently but that is because a lot of the secondary trades (system analyst etc) are now selected off their board as well and it is not a massive impact. Also unless you can get to Phase 1 in the next 6 days there are no more training vacancies until after Mar 14 for Mover. There are a lot more WO1 appointments for Supplier than there are Movers as well.
  11. Depends who you are and what unit you are in, but i agree i no a few.

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  12. It takes 2-3 years to do PTI training doesnt it? gives me alot of time to boost my fitness to what it needed, 9:30 for PTI is it? Cant remember anyway but inter i mean inter cap badge or regiment, im not clued up on how the athletics completions work in the army, been trying to find some info but no luck yet. Anyway thanks for the advice guys
  13. PTI training is usually 6 mths inhouse, but later the option to go to Corps level and retrade as a PTI