Help: Choosing RLC or Artillery as Officer

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OCdt101, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi All,

    Ive got interest in both of the above. Having been in the RM previously Ive been very proud of that association. Now joining the Army while I like the look of the artillery jobs and people, the skills the loggie job would offer certainly appeal. The key thing im struggling with is the reputation the RLC has. Any words of advice would be massively appreciated.
  2. Oh, this'll be good, I'll start the ball rolling:

    "No ones best friend's a gunner"
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  3. If you're 'weally' weally pwoud' you should the RAF.
  4. What sounds better loggie or plank?
  5. What was wrong with the RM? Did you jump or were you pushed?
  6. Would you describe yourself as:

    a) Fat and obstructive
    b) Mind numbingly dull
  7. I was a Marine reserve working in civvie street. Decided to try and make a career out of the military you see
  8. Ha no im fairly lean to be honest. Is the average gunner really that solid?
  9. What not join the RM's as an Officer?
    Surely if your ex-RMR that would stand well for you?
  10. Grow up son!

    If you want to be an officer and leader of men why is "reputation" so important?

    If you have a green lid go back to RM (if they will have you back) they have a great reputation(genuine compliment).

    If you want to be a good officer, jam "reputation" where the sun don't shine and concentrate on learning to do the job as well as you can.

    I would prefer to be a respected passed over Major in the Pioneer Corps than a low life careerist, two faced, two star in the Brigade of Guards, if this was acheived at the detriment of my self respect and integrity..

    If reputation, rather than substance, bothers you that much, join an advertising agency.

    Don't inflict your ego on poor buggers who must trust you with their lives.

    Bloody "Gen Y" strikes again!

    PS Lest the OP cite "sour grapes", I have never held field rank nor did I have the honour of a commission in the Pioneers/RCT, I was a humble infantry officer but have formed the view that careerists and "reputation" is the bane of humanity.
  11. Bushmills, Its not ego thats stopping me, im not egotistic, its more recognising what motivates me, and being proud of my reg would certainly impact on that. I will work hard for the blokes wherever I end up.

    You have to be 26 or younger to join as RM officer so I was not applicable - could not get an age waiver
  12. Doesn't that now also make you ineligible for a Commission in the Army (save All Girly Corps & a few others)?
  13. Pretty sure Capt Plume is right - the age limit for Army Officer applicants has also been lowered to 26, other than for applications from serving soldiers and a Professionally Qualified oficers - sorry but it looks like you have run out of time here too.
  14. Now't wrong with these lads.

    Operational Honours

    Victoria Cross

    The RLC has five Victoria Cross holders; these all derive historically from establishments that eventually became the Royal Corps of Transport.
    Private Samuel Morley VC. Military Train. 15 April 1858.
    Private (Farrier) Michael Murphy VC (forfeited and re-listed). Military Train. 15 April 1858.
    Assistant Commissary James Langley Dalton VC. Commissariat & Transport Department. 22 January 1879.
    Second Lieutenant Alfred Cecil Herring VC. Army Service Corps. 23 March 1918.
    Private Richard George Masters VC. Army Service Corps. 9 April 1918.

    Albert Medal

    The RLC has ten Albert Medal (lifesaving) holders from its former Corps. Two of the holders exchanged their Albert Medals for the George Cross in 1971.
    Lieutenant SA Rowlandson. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
    Staff Sergeant TM Walton. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
    Private A Anderson. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
    Private JT Lawrence. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
    Major LC Bearne DSO. Army Service Corps. 22 October 1916.
    Private AS Usher. Army Service Corps. 22 October 1916.
    Private A Johnson. Army Service Corps. 30 June 1918.
    Driver A Horne. Army Service Corps. 30 June 1918.
    Lieutenant G Rackham. Royal Army Service Corps. 27 October 1918. (Exchanged for GC)
    Private WC Cleall. Royal Army Service Corps. 11 August 1919. (Exchanged for GC)

    George Cross

    The RLC has eleven holders of the George Cross, eight from the former Corps and three to the RLC.
    Lieutenant William Eastman GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 24 December 1940.
    Captain Robert Jephson-Jones GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 24 December 1940.
    Corporal James Scully GC. Royal Pioneer Corps. 8 July 1941.
    Major Kenneth Biggs GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 11 October 1946.
    Staff Sergeant Sidney Rogerson GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 11 October 1946.
    Driver Joseph Hughes GC. Royal Army Service Corps. 26 June 1947.
    Major Stephen Styles GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 11 January 1972.
    Warrant Officer Class 1 Barry Johnson GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 6 November 1990.
    Captain Peter Norton GC. Royal Logistic Corps. 24 July 2005.
    Staff Sergeant Kim Spencer Hughes GC, Royal Logistic Corps 19 March 2010.
    Staff Sergeant Olaf Sean Schmid GC, Royal Logistic Corps 19 March 2010.

    George Medal The RLC has eighty four holders of the George Medal, sixty seven from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, one from the Royal Pioneer Corps, one from the Army Catering Corps and fifteen to the RLC including one first bar.
    Private Arthur Hilton Royal Army Ordnance Corps GM 20 April 1954.
    Warrant Officer Class 1 JRT Balding GM Royal Logistic Corps 12 October 1993, this was the first GM awarded to a member of the newly formed Royal Logistic Corps.
    Warrant Officer Class 1 NB Thomsen GM Royal Logistic Corps 1995.
    Warrant Officer Class 2 A Islam GM QGM Royal Logistic Corps 1997.
    Captain R Baker GM Royal Logistic Corps, 2000
    Captain J Priestly GM Royal Logistic Corps, 2000
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Gary John O'Donnell, Royal Logistic Corps. 15 December 2006.[1] O'Donnell was later killed by an IED whilst serving in Afghanistan.[2] He was later posthumously awarded a second GM in March 2009 for "repeated and sustained acts of immense bravery" for his actions in Afghanistan in two separate incidents in May and July 2008.[3]
    Capt Daniel Marc Shepherd GM Royal Logistic Corps, 19 March 2010. Killed in Afghanistan following a series of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with which he had successfully dealt during his tour on Op HERRICK.
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Karl Ley GM Royal Logisitc Corps 24 September 2010.
    Staff Sergeant Brett George Linley GM Royal Logistic Corps 25 March 2011. Killed in Afghanistan whilst conducting Improvised Explosive Device Disposal tasks during his tour on Op HERRICK in 2010.

    Conspicuous Gallantry Cross
    Staff Sergeant James Anthony Wadsworth CGC, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 March 2008

    Military Cross Members of the RLC have received 6 awards of the Military Cross since 1993, 2 for actions in Iraq, the remainder for actions in Afghanistan.
    Lance Corporal DG Dickson MC Royal Logistic Corps (The Scottish Transport Regiment) Volunteers, 23 March 2005.
    Captain SD Bratcher MC Royal Logistic Corps, 24 March 2006.
    Major ID Scattergood MC Royal Logistic Corps, 25 July 2008.
    Staff Sergeant GD Wood MC Royal Logistic Corps, 24 September 2010.
    Captain SA Scott MC Royal Logistic Corps, 25 March 2011.
    Warrant Officer Class 2 JL Palmer MC Royal Logistic Corps, 30 September 2011.

    Queen's Gallantry Medal The RLC has one hundred and seven holders of the Queen's Gallantry Medal,sixty seven from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and forty to the RLC including two first bars.
    Major Gary O'Sullivan MBE QGM, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 16 April 1984
    Warrant Officer Class 1 Robert John McLelland QGM, Royal Logistic Corps. 21 November 1994.
    WO1 Eamon Conrad Heakin QGM, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 September 2004
    Captain Vincent Michael Strafford QGM, Royal Logistic Corps. 19 July 2007
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Colin Robert George Grant QGM, Royal Logistic Corps 11 September 2009 [1]
    Staff Sergeant John Lester QGM, Royal Logistic Corps, 11 September 2009
    Captain Wayne Edward James Owers QGM, Royal Logistic Corps, 19 March 2010
    Lance Corporal David James Timmins QGM, Royal Logistic Corps, 19 March 2010

    Bar to Queen's Gallantry Medal'
    Captain Eamon Conrad Heakin QGM*, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 March 2008
    Captain Vincent Michael Strafford QGM*, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 March 2008
  15. Age limits here...

    So even the places for those between 26 & 29 are now few & far between.