Help checking someones Infantry claims

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Agent_Smith, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Have someone who's contacted me in relation to extreme sports who claims he served with a well known former Scottish Infantry regt as executive officer.

    How can i verfiy who he says he is?

    I don't just want to phone up their HQ asking 'Did Mr So and So serve with you as XO between 2004-06? I suspect they will more than likely tell me to sling my hook.
  2. Try and get hold of a copy of their regimental journal for that year. It should have a list of all serving officers near the front pages, attached and detached from said regiment for that particular year.

    Cheers Easy!
  3. Have you tried googling him?
  4. Might know him PM me details of Regt and i will let you know.
    Bloke i'm thuinking of was XO (US term) and is well into his extreme sports - upside down ice climbing and the like....
  5. Hmm or get hold of the Army list if you are still in....
  6. The Army List should be available in your local reference library.

    You could try the London Gazette site, which will have gazzetted his commission.

    I had a quick look but it doesn't work as I remember - I will check later!

  7. London Gazette search is notorious for not searching. I have been looking for myself on there on and off for a year and i don't exist.
  8. I have been out for a few years but I cant remember any of the Infantry Bns I served with having an "Executive Officer" does such a appointment exist?
  9. US term for Ops O / 2ic combo - reads as Ops Offr in Brit Army
  10. Yes you do....

    I remember my good lady signing your commission as we both liked the name. :D

  11. Many thanks to all who have offered help.

    Seems the guy is legit, which is good as we share a passion for extreme sports and he's nearby.

    My appologies about the XO, meant to post opps officer. Been watching too many episodes of 'Band of Brothers' :oops:
  12. I think your walt has been watching too many septic war films like Crimson Tide. Exec my arrse!
  13. Nah, that was my fault, see post above :oops: