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I need some advice! have passed selection and was given my first choice (clinical physiologist), but still have to have an interview with PSO RAMC (I was aware of that) however it somehow turns out that I have not made the board........received my application late apparently so I was told by my recruiter. Untill I find out more I have been looking over the training and different trades such as CMT. I have heard mixed voices about CMT and the views of re-trading from CMT to clin phy. Could anyone out there help clear this up.....does a CMT hold a recognised qualification? what are the opportunities for a CMT? and is it easier for re-trading with in the same cap badge (I have heard that it does not matter)?????? :? :? :? :? no one seems to be able to answer these questions and I have asked the people that should............................
From the sounds of it the only thing is that you missed the advisory board, do you not just wait for the next one now? although I am sure these can take a while, pretty sure that waiting now and gonig into the trade you want will still be faster than going through all the training for another trade then retradeing?
If you have not already done so it would be a good idea to pose this question on the medics forum.

Good luck. Sorry I can't be more help. I was sigs and therefore don't have a clue about the trades you want information on.

Saying that, what Gedge said makes a lot of sense.
cheers 'Perturbed', I know that was my initial thought although I am just trying to find out more about other options. the recruting staff have been a big help but as time goes on I think their loosing pace!

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