Help Building Leg Muscles Please.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RA_Marcus, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi Everyone.

    Every week i go to a Army Running club at Sutcliffe running track. 3 weeks ago i was running a 17.53 Minute 1.5 miles (Awful i know), then this thursday just gone i ran a 13.26 1.5miles.

    Here is my Problem, i have selection mid-Feb and need to get my time down by a minute, and i personally feel that the thing holding me back is my legs, My breathing is fine and my heart rate is good, it is just my legs that start hurting on the 3-4th lap.

    If anyone has any ideas/tips on how i can increase the muscles in my legs? (I live in central london by the way, so no hills around me )

    Many regards
  2. what part of your legs hurt?
  3. It is mainly my Calf Muscles that ache the most.

    Many regards
  4. try holding some weights while standing lift your heals off the ground try to do 3 sets of 10 each day
    does this pain go to the front front of your shins?
  5. I'm struggling too mate, i can barely keep up a steady run for the whole 1.5 but find if i grit my teeth and keep pushing im coming in at around 14 mins.
    One legged squats are good then pushing up on tippy toe at the end of the rep to work the calves. From the stuff ive read its good because running is basically done on one leg (at a time of course, if i could hop the 1.5 id be well chuffed).
    As i said i cant do it in the required time so im just going on theory myself but it seems sound.
    Where are you hurting front of thigh, hammy, calf, or b&stard shin?
  6. Hold weights, put your toes on a step, dip your heels till you feel the stretch then push up. Or get down the gym and do the same on the leg press.
  7. Thanks for the Quick replys.Both of those tips are excellent thanks, i will try anything. and its generally my calf that hurts the most. I have got my time down by almost 5 mins in 3 weeks, 1 more minute off and i will be 1 happy bunny.
  8. Strech them out, having tight calf muscles you risk picking up injurys.
  9. While you fellas are on here, im struggling big time with my shins. Ive read about walking on your heals to to strengthen the muscle that runs down the front but are there any ways of improving the situation. My times are going in the right direction but my shins keep me off running for anything up to a week afterwards. Im cycling while they improve to keep the cardio up, i just want to make sure im not missing anything?
  10. rice and stretch your whole lower leg properly before and after exercise
  11. I was shown an exercise on rehab mainly for the calfs/achillies tendon. Stand on a step just using your tip-toes and push up and down for about 15-20 reps and increase the reps gradualy as you get used to it. It helps in stretching and strenghining your calf muscles and tendons, and is also good as a warm down ex after a run
  12. Nothing beats burpees for strengthening the legs FAST. Do 5 sets of 10 right after your run, remembering to jump up properly after each one. You dont need to do the press up at the bottom as we are trying to strengthen legs not upper body.. so just do:

    Squat Down
    Shoot Legs Out into press up position
    Bring legs Back in
    Jump as high as you can


    Worked a treat for me.
  13. If its your calfs, skip!

    And make sure your skipping on the balls of your feet

    Also, try and get into the habit of walking around the house on the balls of your feet for a while.

    You'll find it hard to do at first but give it a couple of weeks and you'll have no problems

    How much do you weigh?

    I only ask because you could be too heavy for your current muscular endurance. That said you can improve in time (I pull a 8 min 49 on sat on insight course and I'm weighing in at 13 st 6 at the moment- trying to lose weight but meh, aslong as I'm fit I'm not that bothered)

  14. Do enough of those and you can take over the bloody world! Burpees....ahhh the taste of puke in your mouth.

    I think the American military do them. I know they get used in American football training as well - for explosive power.
  15. If your shins are keeping you off running thats not a good sign. Stop running all together for a 2-4 weeks, cycle, swim, dive and box like mad to keep your fitness up. While rice-ing and strengthing your shins. I too have had shin pain recently but have kept my fitness up I think, all will be reaveled when I try a BFT.