Help BOOTS!!!! Issue Boots over Purchased Boots

HELP !!!!! Not Sure if this is the right place for this post

I want to know what the hard fast rule about wearing purchased boots over issue boots is. You hear all the comments coming from people that if you are not issued with the boots on your 1157 you are not insured even if the army does use/ issue them & if you do wear them & have an accident then you will not be covered.........

Can someone in the know please let me know where this rule can be found........ as i see so many regular & TA now purchaseing there own boots like lowa's, Hanwag, Altberg's to name a few of the more popular ones, next they will be telling us if we have a accident wearing smocks or sofite jackets we own we are not covered.

Personally i dont get on with army issue boots so i prefer my Lowa's & wear them most of the time, the issue combat boot always seem to give me heat spots on my feet & blisters where as the lowas i can tab & get no problems what so ever.


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If you are not issued them or are provided them for medical reasons then you are not covered by army insurance (there’s no such thing).

In reality it’s very difficult to prove and I can’t see the MOD providing any witnesses just to prove you wore your Danners/Hi Tecs on exercise.

Unless you really need them then why bother, I’ve followed most of the FADs with exception of my Softie they have largely been a waste of money.

Talk to somebody whose opinion you value for advice. Don’t pick the duty Walt though.

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