Help, Background life at 21 sigs.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by shaggy_chris, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone help, I have recently found out that I'm posted to 21 sigs.

    Can anyone provide any good information on what the unit is currently doing, any history and what the unit is like?

    I will be posted in as the new com sys eng trade, which is not very good by all aspects of the training that i have done.

    Many thanks

    P.s anyone currently posted there??
  2. i was there 2001 - 2004, first unit, its like any other uk unit, ghost town at the weekend, apart from the few colerne orphans of which i was one, bath is reasonable on the piss, bristol is better but further for a taxi. Quite a busy unit for operations if i remember rightly, with dets wherever there were raf helicopters, so some scope for getting away, but i am of the operator trade so actually have a job, as for the tech sides of things apart from first lines and filling out paper work for bowman kit that your not allowed to touch i couldnt tell you.
  3. I was there until May 2006 and have to agree with the last post, come 1300hrs on a friday afternoon no one can be found except the gurkas and a few block rats. Thursday's is the night to hit the town with half the regt out an about, heading for caddys (a wonderful place... local shop for local people anyone???)

    A few good points:
    Dominoes - Not sure if they still do squaddie discount but still busy everyday of the week
    The lads - The guys an girls there were a good laugh you need it trust me
    THE BAR!!!! - Need I say more...
    Sport - If you do anything then this unit is for you, esp, rugby / football
    Travel - Plenty of scope to get overseas
    Chicks - Some of the Core's finest end up here (cassie, anyone???)

    Bad points:
    ARRSE end of no where - 20 quid to Bath / Chippenham (ahhh the 'nam)more to Bristol
    Anally retentive unit - Half the snrs are winged up, wore green berets or have served with 'them' at some point and refuse to let the past go
    BFOT - Prey all the time your there you don't end up with in the sqn with this mo' fo' I done three years and we had it for at least 2!
    BUMFISTER!!!! - Comms exercises and, um, not great and thats being nice
    Chicks - Some of the Corp's fugliest end up here

    I too am an operator (RS - gods chosen few- less the RTGs I'm not getting dragged into that argument EVER again) so had to work while I was there but I did spend a lot of time with the techs on ex due to my Civvy IT background. good bunch of lads by all accounts right the way up the chain but most are out now so it's going to be hit and miss when you get there, just prey you get HQ sqn and stay away from the BFOT.

    Enough said, just go there and enjoy yourself, it's your first posting, live the dream and remember if things get you down your next unit will be nothing like 21!

  4. Wilders is brill. Not far from the border. Snow drops are knobs though.
  5. Carpets, step away from the port and the 80's/90's era :wink:
  6. Hmm, Chippenham. I sincerly hope your not suggesting a night out down there...Might as well pay the extra tenner and go to Lillies by 10 sigs!

  7. Shaggy, its the biggest cliché in the world but thats largely because its true: Its what you make of it. If you sit in the block at weekends and dont go out it will be boring, if you get into your work and enjoy it time will fly by.

    Whats up with the new trade training? You sound not happy?
  8. I mentioned this to cassie the other day she thought it was hilarious
  9. Maybe you need to look more closey at yourself buddy, there are alot of tradesmen out there within the CS role that are truely gleaming guys on and off the job. If your training is not upto your standard then maybe an "extra" bit of effort in your own time will suffice your quench for knowledge.
    As for your new unit, I would approach it with an open mind, It's what you put into it that you achieve out of it.

    I am sure that you will learn more trade related knowledge once in situ.
  10. smoojalooge -

    Cassie knew she was one of the better looking chicks on camp, hell even I woulda broken my no sex with army chicks rule for that. And don't tell me you wouldn't gone there either ;)
  11. I'm still trying and failing on a regular basis

  12. I bet this is the ginger lad that I took through on his class 3

    bit gobby and above himself so watch out 21!!
  13. Cheers Flattley,

    I do believe that he is due in around March so that will give the guys who have NTT'd a new playtoy to bruise till they get out lol.
  15. shes probably heard about your pintglass trick dude, your scaring her off :)