Help! Back Pain...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. My lower back has started hurting. The pain is around the small of my back and varies from a dull ache when I have been standing or sitting still for a while to a sharpish pain when I "bend in the middle". For example, standing with feet together bend down to touch my toes.

    I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it has really affectedmy running (only been out 3 times in a fortnight). I have been swimming to try and compensate but I really need to get back on the road. I am seeing a massage therapist about it tomorrow so hopefully that will help. I have also been doing lots of core work (crunches, leg rasies, side ways crunch things on the hyperextension machine, and hyper extensions).

    Any idea what it could be or how to make it go away?

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Any numbness or "pins and needles" in your lower body?
  3. Actually I was reading something the other day, though I can't remember exactly where I found it...

    Something about you lean forward a lot, without ever bending backwards, and the back muscles are in two back-to-back sheets, so tou never use the back-most sheet, whereas the front-sheet is always contracting and pulling against the other one. It suggested standing against something like a worktop, where the surface is about level with the small of your back, and lean backwards and hold for 10 secs, 10 reps.

    My back was getting a little stiff and sore if I'd been standing for a long while, I spend most of my working day sitting down you see, and I tried this for a few days and it's all sorted now.
  4. Ive had something similar for years mate, i'm do doctor but it sounds like Ciatica (excuse the spelling if it's wrong) which is a trapped berve, it comes and goes all the time with varying degrees of pain depending on what you do.
    If this is the case, don't worry about it, keep exercising, the massage will do it good and hopefully it will ease off. Just be carefull though going sick with your back, as they will tell you to rest and not do anything, which in my case found to be a load of bollox as when you do start exercising again it only feels worse.

    like i said i'm no expert it's just an opinion, i think most of these things if you persevere your body will eventually overcome it.

    Sorry if this is not any help to you.
  5. sciatica tends to be more of a shooting pain down the leg or buttock. The vast majority of back pain in young,fairly fit people is due to muscular or ligamentous stress and strain.
    Unless you have numbness or tingling in your legs or nether regions, the general advice is to carry on with normal daily activities but be aware of how you're using your back.
    Don't lift and twist at the same time, keep loads close to you and lift using your legs not your back.


    Loads of good stuff here including some professionals.

    Age and your background with regards to what you do (training, sports played etc) play a large part in this.

    I accept that having done my time I have a fair bit of wear and tear in my back so accept the pain as part of life. I am quite lucky in that my knees hurt far more than my back so I don't notice the back ache as much!!
  7. Thanks for all the responses in particular from Murielson and Crescent.

    I will take your advice cresent and try the "bending backwards" thing. I also spent alot of time sitting either at my computer or at a drum-kit so this makes alot of sense. Also I noticed that doing hyperextensions helps a little so this really might work! Most appreciated.

    Murielson, thanks for all the links will read through them.

  8. Man this forum is awesome.

  9. Without trying to frighten you (because it's not that bad really) another possibility to consider is AS (Ankylosing Spondilosis) I have been a sufferer for over 20 years now. With me it generally only flares up badly 2 or 3 times a year. With me it also started in the lower back and as you say, it is often a dull ache, but this can then lead to the sharp sciatica like pains down one leg. AS is the calcification growths on your bones which leads to the area betwen joints becoming smaller and so more susceptible to trapping nerves. The good thing is that if you find it early enough it can be held at bay by a combination of appropriate exercise and anti inflamitories. Another symptom is severe stifness when staing in one position to long. (For me getting out of bed is often not nice, I sound like a bowl of rice crispies as I "snap crackle and pop") But the good news is AS is one of those diseases where exercise is recommended rather that dissuaded. It can only be detected by a blood test, but also tends to be heridatry, so ask your parents. If in doubt ask for a blood test. Headley Court has its own specialist AS clinic and is awesome. I left the services 2 years ago and miss the sort of care and attention you get from places like Headley Court.
  10. Thanks for the advice. It doesnt really sound like that could be what it is. Getting out of bed is usually no problem unless I have had a particularly hard session the day before, and then its more in my legs. I dont get shooting pains down my legs or any cracking or popping from my back. I will look into the condition though just to be sure. As far as I know there is no history of backproblems in my family.

    Cheers for the somewhat frightening advice lol...

  11. Stop it now! If you have a rpoblem go and see your GP or Med Officer. This information is all well and good but if you are having pain it means there is a problem. See a true proffesional and get an answer please do not rely on advise here no matter how well intentioned it is.
  12. Ive had the same problems for about 8 months now,was only after 5 months i went sick(yes im old and stupid) after xrays and a further mri scan it showed i had two vertabrae out of alighnment and a prolapsed disk. after 3 months of physio and a course of injections plus acupuncture it seems to be getting better.just wished i had gone sick at the start rather than trying to crack on. if in doubt go sick,theres no point in having a knackered back for life.
  13. I appreciate the advice of going to see a doc and if it gets any worse I certainly will however at the moment its just a nagging "training pain".. I can feel its nothing serious. For example its not bad enough to actually prevent me from running, just to make me decide to swim instead (?) lol.

    But yes thank you I certainly will go get it seen to if it gets worse or different, I dont want a fooked back (even though getting it seen to wil almost certainly impose severe defferment on my application (not in yet).

    Cheers all.

  14. Jay you're right probably right about the deferrement, but you should get int checked out if it's been bugging your enough to skip running for 2 weeks! See a private doc, it'll cost ya, but it's gotta be worth it! Maybe it's got something to do hooking your feet under t'sofa during sit ups?

    My back sometimes aches if i'm running downhill too, nothing out of the ordinary but it is noticeable! Hope it clears up soon dude!
  15. Thanks Morty.. it might be to do with hooking my feet under the sofa, I have stopped doing that over the last few days and noticed an improvment. Also crescent's bending over backwards idea seems to work too, done it twice today and feeling better even though I have been on a train for 3 hours sitting down.

    Rest assured if it gets worse I will go to a doc.