Help! Are All Scottish Women Ugly?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gennithmedic, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Can any ARRSEr find proof of good looking Scots women? We've been through all our porn, and some FHMs, and the closest we got was Sharleen Spitteri. Who obviously doesn't count. Theres about 4million of them, they can't all be rats, can they?
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  2. From a google image search for 'fit scottish girls'.......

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  3. I've always had a soft spot for Carol Smilie, massive gob so i'm sure she could fit the meat and two veg in...
  4. ...and then bite them off?? 8O
  5. Even though she's 60....I so would!!

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  6. Well, having watched Rab C Nesbitt last night, I have to say that 'Ella Cotter' still gives me wood.
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  7. The 'Virgin Queen' of Pop...AKA 'The Easterhouse Bike'.
  8. You are right it does'nt ....strange. not to worry. try typing it in if you can be arsed



    "Spanish Plot Exposed"
  9. 4 Million ? Way out ! Total population is short of 6 million !

    Then there is the size of the place, the distance from John O' Groats to the border with England is about the same as from the border to Southampton.

    So, unless you have local knowledge, you won't find any.

    Any rough ones get exported to England as wives for the English, quite a lucrative business, want one ?
  10. Miss Scotland, right munter:

  11. No we're not! We just don't feel it neccessary to prove this by getting our kit off and getting posted on the web. Bit like saying are all Englishmen football hooligans or t0ssers :D

    Anyway I give you:

    Katie Liu Leung (half Chinese/Scottish, born August 8, 1987) is a Scottish actress, best known for playing Cho Chang, Harry Potter's love interest in the Harry Potter films. Leung has been named as Scotland's most stylish female and as the "hottest" Scotswoman by The Scotsman, a Scottish national newspaper.

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