HELP!! Anyone know any sites to help autistic 4 year old???

Hi, I have recently undertaken a job as Special Needs Assistant looking after a 4 year old with suspected autism. In a bid to make both our lives more interesting I am on the hunt for worksheets, flashcards etc . Does anyone have any ideas of relevant sites on the net that I can get infor/ print stuff off from??
Hi, MrsWhiteBear,
I haven't been involved with kiddies as young as 4 years old (and I don't know the extent of your understanding of this condition). However, it seems to me, that the key is to get some understanding of how the child sees the world. I come from a family in which most of us seem to be somewhere on the autistic spectrum. I would suggest you do some Google searches, such as "Simon Baron-Cohen" ..... an authority on autism, "neurotypical" ....... a (derogatory?) term used by those on the autistic spectrum to describe those who are NOT and, maybe,

there are a lot of websites out there.
MWB, I have a son with Aspergers and have had a bit of experience in dealing with all maner of issues that come with it. If you need any help, please PM me

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